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5 Classic Nursing Covers to Give Mom and Tot the Privacy They Need

Jul 25 2012 - 3:16am

When baby needs a feeding, he needs a feeding, and it doesn't matter where you are — action must be taken! Sometimes there isn't a quiet, private corner for breastfeeding, so a classic nursing covers a great option. Nice and compact, nursing covers can easily fold and fit in a diaper bag [1] to be ready when needed. All covers in this collection come in a variety of colors and patterns, so Mama can pick a design that works best with her style!

Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover ($35)

A beautiful shawl design with a structured opening allows for eye contact while breastfeeding. This cover from Bébé au Lait [2] comes in a variety of patterns.

Boppy Nursing Cover ($25)

The Boppy [3] nursing cover offers full coverage, making on-the-go feeding a calming experience.

DRIA Cover ($80)

Made from supersoft, breathable material, this cover from DRIA [4] is perfect as a quick shield while breastfeeding. Toss on like a poncho and you are good to go!

Udder Covers Nursing Cover ($35)

Stay chic and stylish while feeding your babe with a nursing cover from UdderCovers [5]. The rigid neckline design allows for eye contact while nursing. Pick from six fashionable patterns.

Belly Fish Nursing Cover and Pillow ($20)

This nursing cover [6] comes with an attached pillow, making breastfeeding on the go even easier. In the cover's U-shaped pillow, baby is perfectly positioned, and a privacy panel allows Mom and baby to maintain eye contact during feeding.

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