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Early Risers: Clocks That Teach Tots to Stay in Bed

Oct 14 2013 - 9:04am

The early bird catches the worm, but he also wakes mama up way too soon! Once tots have graduated out of their cribs, negotiating with them to stay in bed until a reasonable hour can seem as difficult as the Middle East peace talks. When begging and pleading aren't working, turn to some fun clocks designed to teach them a proper waking hour. These seven clocks will get the job done, and give mom some much needed shut-eye.

Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock

For little ones who can't read, the traffic light color system used with the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Clock [1] ($40) is easy to follow. Simply set the clock with your desired waking time, and as the hour approaches, the lights switch from red to green (the yellow is just there for effect – it doesn't work!).

BabyZoo Sleeptrainer

Tots will think they have a friend sleeping near them with the jungle-themed BabyZoo SleepTrainer [2] ($40). If the monkey's eyes are closed, kids know they should remain in bed. When they open, they are free to wake too! The clock also features a jungle sound alarm that parents can opt to turn on for the desired waking hour.

OK to Wake! Children's Clock

Both a nightlight and a sleep training clock, the OK to Wake! Children's Clock [3] ($39) emits a soft yellow glow throughout the night. At the programmed time, it shifts to green, signaling tots that they are welcome to leave their beds. A traditional alarm clock is also included for older kids, emitting sound at the desired wake-up time.

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer

Currently only available overseas (see, they really do have the best products in other countries [4]!), the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer [5] ($40) shifts from a star-themed image to a sunny one when it is time to wake. To help communicate the concept of passing time, the clock's stars disappear as the hours pass. With a constant glow, the clock also serves as a nightlight.

The Good Nite Lite

Created by a dad who was tired of his sleepless tot waking the family at the crack of dawn, The Good Nite Lite [6] ($35) shifts from a glowing moon to a bright sun at the appointed time.

Kid'sleep Classic

Using familiar daily activity images, the Kid'sleep Classic [7] ($40) switches from an illuminated nighttime scene to a daytime version at the pre-set waking hour.

Zazoo Kids Photo Clock

Put your stockpile of digital images to work with the Zazoo Photo Clock [8] ($115). Using either pre-loaded photos, or personal images uploaded at home, the clock displays a constant rotation of photos indicating whether it is time to sleep or OK to rise.

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