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Olli Lolli Takes the Guesswork Out of Dressing When You Have a Food Allergy

Feb 26 2014 - 3:16am

At some (very scary) point, moms of kids with severe allergies have to stop toting around their tot's life-saving medicine for them. From lost, pricey autoinjectors to the fear of time being wasted while retrieving emergency medication, handing over the meds (and the responsibility) is much easier said than done. Luckily, a mom has had the foresight to design Olli Lolli [1], a line of allergy-aware apparel with a built-in pocket designed to hold a child’s emergency epi autoinjector or asthma inhaler. Not only is the stuff pretty cute, it also ensures that allergy medication can be easily accessed. Scroll down to check out a few of our favorites from the line.

Olli Pocket Cargo Pant

Made from 100 percent organic cotton twill, these Olli Pocket Cargo Pants [2] ($45, available in gray and khaki) include a specially designed pocket for allergy meds (or autoinjector or asthma inhaler) with a medical info label and an adjustable waist.

Olli Pocket Organic Cotton Hoodie

A must have for any child required to carry emergency allergy medication, this Olli Pocket Organic Cotton Hoodie [3] ($54) holds two standard-size autoinjectors.

Olli Pocket Nylon/Cotton Windbreaker

This great Olli Pocket Nylon/Cotton Windbreaker [4] ($81) is great for Spring and has the built-in Olli Pocket.

Allergy-Aware Tees

Be it an egg, dairy, wheat, or nut allergy, these colorful Allergy-Aware tees [5] ($18) are cute on kids while being informative on their allergies.

Olli Pocket Tyvek Windbreaker

Made from a durable, weatherproof Tyvek shell and lined with 100 percent cotton jersey, this Olli Pocket Tyvek Windbreaker [6] ($81) will keep your tot safe — and warm!

Allergy Aware Bracelet

Each one of these hypoallergenic Peanut Allergy Aware Bracelets [7] ($18, also available for egg [8] and dairy [9] allergies) is made from medical-grade stainless steel with latex-free rubber wrist band — and it can be taken to your local engraver to add emergency contact info on the opposite side.

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