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10 Common Core Homework Assignments That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

Sep 10 2015 - 11:13am

These days it's impossible to step into a PTA or school board meeting without discussing Common Core. The three-year-old program — which emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills — has parents across the country in an uproar. Even famous fathers like Louis C.K. [1] and Stephen Colbert have spoken out [2] against the new standards.

While the majority of parents' concerns stem from the testing methods used to measure students' success, the other issue is the homework their kids must complete. Gone are the days of simple word problems and showing your work with numbers. Now, kids must decode confusingly phrased equations and use number lines, blank circles, and "hidden partners" to solve them. Sounds complicated? That's because it is. Here, a series of Common Core assignments that have reduced children — and their parents — to tears.

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A Complete Breakdown

We don't know what's happening here, but at least the child got the correct answer.

Source: Instagram user casadeberry [4]

All of the Lines

Is this a road map or a math assignment?

Source: Instagram user crazyhousereviews [5]

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Since when does basic arithmetic involve so many shapes?

Source: Instagram user debi9kids [6]

From the Abacus to Sticks

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but Common Core hurts our heads!

Source: Instagram user kellythemaw [7]

Another Reason Kids Hate Vegetables

Try getting your kid to eat a carrot after this problem.

Source: Rebecca Gruber [8]

Balloon Fair

Comedian Louis C.K. posted this photo of his third-grader's homework, and proceeded to rant about Common Core [9].

Source: Twitter user louisck [10]

Orange + Blue = ?

Can someone please explain what a "hidden partner" is?

Source: Instagram user cjlewis99 [11]

The Number Branch

Who knew math grew on trees?

Source: Instagram user debi9kids [12]

The Best Answer

This kid won't let Common Core get her down.

Source: Instagram user heymelliemel [13]

The Engineer That Couldn't

Even Jeff Severt, an electronics engineer, couldn't help his son with this complicated math problem [14].

Source: Facebook user The Patriot Post [15]

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