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Crazy Child Names

Wild Child Name Roundup

Last week, I quizzed you on Hollywood's wildest child monikers. Jermaine Jackson's choice to name his last child Jermajesty threw most of you for a loop. While that certainly seems to be a contender for one of the world's most odd baby names, I've heard a few that are worth mentioning.

I knew one woman who unexpectedly became pregnant with her ninth child. Not wanting to have more children, she named him D'end. True story folks. One of my co–workers here had a friend named Abcde. When I asked how she pronounced it, she said, "Ab-sed-ah." Turns out she's not the only one out there as a couple of you have heard it, too. Harrison Ford fanatics may see nothing wrong with a couple that named their daughter Indiana Jones. As if that wasn't enough, they named their next child Dow Jones!

To see the most unusual names our readers have heard, read more.
kikidawn — Zebra
macgirl — middle name ESPN
katedavis — Bliss Camille
Luckyme — Meconium
pinkprincess1101 — Orangejello and Lemonjello, and Abcde

Perhaps I should add these to my list. Thoughts anyone?

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