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The Ups and Downs of Being a Back-to-School Parent

Aug 17 2014 - 5:51am

Let's be real: back-to-school time is both a delight and a headache. There are the highs (she made it onto the volleyball team!), the face-palm moments (which troublemaker is he hanging out with this time?), and everything in between. Let's revisit what it's like to be a parent, GIF-style, thanks to Oprah, Modern Family's Cam and Mitch, and other favorites. Only 10 more school months to go!

Front Page Image Source: ABC [1]

When You're Eating Breakfast Every Morning

. . . Until You Pull Up and She Sees Her Friends

When You Drop Her Off Every Day

When You Make It to School Without Forgetting Anything

When You Get a Call From the School Nurse

When You Meet His New Troublemaking Friend

When You Forget to Leave a Note in His Lunchbox

When She's in Trouble and the Principal Calls You In

When She Makes It Onto the Honor Roll

When You Get a Flyer For a Parent-Teacher Conference

Source: Bravo [2]

When You Agree to Her First Sleepover

. . . Until You Realize What That Means

When She Spends Picture Day Out on the Yard

When It's Time For Dodgeball

When He Doesn't Make the Basketball Team

When She Knows Just What You Want to Hear

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