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Dad Uses Public Humiliation to Enforce Teen's Curfew

Dad Uses Public Humiliation to Enforce Teen's Curfew

Dad Uses Public Humiliation to Enforce Teen's Curfew

In the latest news report about a parent using public humiliation to punish a misbehaving teen (see also: the parent who shot his daughter's computer), a dad made his daughter wear a T-shirt with a picture of his face on it to school for a whole week. Beneath the photo are the words "Try Me." The girl's infraction? Staying out past her curfew.

Are there any circumstances under which you'd use public humiliation to teach your child a lesson?

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AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 4 years
As someone who works with kids of all ages, that might have been his last straw. What it doesn't say is how many times she broke her curfew. Maybe she had done this for a month or so. Maybe he did try it all. Kids now a days have no respect for anyone and think the world revolves around them. I never thought of staying out past my curfew, cause the outside door would have been locked. In my dads mind, can't be home when we ask then stay out. Plus if I asked to stay out later then my curfew, I still had to get up for practice and work in the morning. Kids don't care about anything. Plus it really wasn't that bad she probably didn't care. If it worked then you go dad.
darleneclark darleneclark 4 years
If I missed the bus , my Dad would take me to school and make the car intentionally backfire. I would get so mad and embarrassed, but I knew he loved me! Now we laugh about it! Sorry, but kids need consequences ! If u tell them up front what they will be, so be it! There are many disrespectful kids out there that have this sense of entitlement and "you can't touch me" attitude. In the end, they will realize their parents did care. I would only do this if you have a good relationship with your child to begin with.
DianneGreenrainey DianneGreenrainey 4 years
I don't think I would, my daughter is under curfew right now for probably the same reasons, & thats humiliation enough when she wants to go somewhere with her friends & I tell her no.
CoMMember13631189244843 CoMMember13631189244843 4 years
You don't humiliate publically a teenager. It will back fire, and you probably won't know what they are doing to get even with you. In fact, I guarantee, you won't know, but they will think of something. It could be life changing, or, they could get away with it. Those are the worst years for being embarrassed. We are seeing more and more suicides from teens now days, and I would not put my teen in that situation. I'd deal with it at home, like I did when I had teens.
BrandyProfancik BrandyProfancik 4 years
My brother learned quick that if he slammed any door in the house he would loose his bedroom door. Also we hated doing dishes so if we got grounded we had dish duty until we where ungrounded. Unfortunately most of our behavior could have been avoided if my parents where actually home to be parents instead of workaholics.
MaryPiergiovanniDavis MaryPiergiovanniDavis 4 years
I have a 16 year old. Many times I have thrown up my hands because grounding for a month and eventually everything taken out of the room except clothes, bed and books did not work. the current generation of teens think they are entittled to any and everything. They scream DSS, i'll call the police. if you ground them, spank them or deprive them of dinner until they take the trash out. Parents are looking for new ways, grasping at straws because nothing else works. Would I do this? If I have tried eveyrthing else...yes I would and proudly so.
eck050 eck050 4 years
I'm not a proponent of publicly shaming or humiliating children as a form of discipline. I feel it is disrespectful to the child and probably counterproductive. I feel correction should be done in private. I know I wouldn't like it if my boss gave me a bad review in front of coworkers! I don't have teenagers, though, so maybe my tune will change in the next ten years or so.
SamanthaLeach1524 SamanthaLeach1524 4 years
i think parents are turning to this discipline more because we are running out of ideas. we know we have to do something but cant smack yell and even time outs get slammed. i think you just have to do what works.
AngelaRowell AngelaRowell 4 years
This was so funny. I wonder if it worked? However, I dont think it was so BAD to make his daughter where a T-shirt. Grounding does'nt always work...
TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
Why is humiliating your children (of any age) the new trend in parenting? Especially the whole posting the event to facebook or whatever else you can. What happened to "you broke curfew so you aren't leaving the house again other than school for two weeks"? Isn't THAT more effective than a picture of you on a t-shirt - doesn't THAT just become a game? In the end, who can outdo who?
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