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Dealing With Animal Issues While Pregnant

Lil Community: Animal Issues While Pregnant

Express yourself. This post was submitted by Anonymous in the A Place to Vent group.

Lately my two cats have been driving me crazy!! Before I was pregnant I didn't mind them and I actually enjoyed their company. Now, I want to throw them out of my house!  One side of my hormonal mind says I'm horrible for wanting them to go. Then the other side says that I'll be able to breathe again in the house because their smell won't be there anymore and they won't be around my legs tripping me.  Unfortunately — the mean side is winning.

My husband is the one that has to take care of the kitty litter.  He does a horrible job of it. I love him and I'm thankful for all that he does for me, but taking care of the kitty litter is high priority for me. Having two cats makes for a lot of...smells. We live in a two bed, two bath condo which is quite small. I have to walk past "their bathroom" to get to my room.  I'm tired of holding my breath every time I need to do the laundry or go to my room. Being the person I am, I would clean up the kitty litter myself with gloves up to my elbows, a gas mask, hair net, knee high rubber boots and disposable jump suit.  That's how bad the smell gets to me. To see what happened next,


Then last night I found our un-spayed female cat peeing on our dirty clothes. PEEING!!!! I flipped out —unfortunately at my hubby. I blamed him for it because if the litter was fresh for her she wouldn't have peed. With this new problem thoughts of my sweet nursery to be came to mind...with cat pee soaked baby sheets.  I will not have it! I will not have my new baby's things subjected to cat pee or smells. You might say "Well why did you get them in the first place you nincompoop!?"  I never thought I was ever going to get pregnant. This was a surprise for me. And now with being pregnant and making sure my house is clean and safe for my baby, I look to my cats with disgust.  I worry about once the lil one starts to crawl how will I separate he/she from the cat litter and cat food? My mind can't see over the wall of mean — I need to give my cats away to a better home than mine.  My hubby and I have decided to finally get our one female cat that is not spayed, spayed. That's our first step. Hopefully she'll stop peeing on things. Second, my hubby has promised me he will take better care of the cat litter (Unfortunately, I have no faith in that). If these don't work and we're still having problems with the cats, and if I can't get over that horrible mean wall, I will have to succumb to it.   So I wonder has anybody else given up their beloved pets because of the coming baby and complications of it all? Or am I just a heartless, pregnant, over emotional woman?

Let it all out at the A Place to Vent group over in the LilSugar Community.

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