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Differences Between Children

babysugar Diaries: The Difference Between the Two

Every pregnancy is different, but what about the offspring? Some siblings look like carbon copies of each other while others barely share resemblance. Then there are the children who look alike, but act completely opposite. As far as I can tell, my children don't share much physically and though it's too early to know, they have very distinct personalities.

To see what I mean,


I was one of the lucky ones. My daughter slept through the night from the get go. I actually had to set an alarm to wake up and feed her for the first few weeks of her life. My son, on the other hand, has a healthy set of lungs that are loud enough to wake the neighbors at feeding time. Sleeping through the night is not his modus operandi. My princess hates to get messy and that was apparent from the beginning. She screamed at the top of her lungs whenever she had a wet diaper. My lil guy could sit in his all day. A strong whippersnapper, my baby girl was flipping from her back to her tummy as early as three months and eating solids at four months. My laid back little dude has no interest in tummy time, rolling over or sitting up or showing readiness for real food. However, they both share an extremely sweet demeanor. When I told one of my friends that my son smiled more and seemed happier than my daughter, she laughed in my face saying that it wasn't possible. But it's true — they are both as happy as two bugs in a rug, especially with each other.

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