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Dirty Lil Secrets of a Mom of Three: Part 2

Feb 23 2010 - 6:00am

All moms have secrets, but do mothers of multiple children have more? Once a woman has a few kids, she knows the perfect mother doesn't exist [1] and that enables her to improvise in lots of different situations. As long as the kids are happy — right? Last month, I divulged the shortcuts I've taken [2] and now I'm adding a few more to the list. Set yourself free by confessing your secret in the comments section.

I Gamble

I take the kids places like Costco on a Saturday or to the movies for a new release by myself. I roll the dice and map out an escape plan (just in case)!

I Exhale When Eyes Close

When my children are sound asleep, I exhale — so grateful we made it through another day in our crazy life. I'm doubly productive at night.

I Have Two Assistants

When I don't have enough hands or legs, I have to borrow one from my little helpers and call in for assistance. My baby ends up with ample attention.

We Waste Water

We live in the city, but my son likes to swim so we fill up our bathtub even when he's already clean and let him take another dip. Sometimes he gets out for a break and then hops back in.

Spaghetti for Breakfast

I didn't get a chance to run to the grocery store and we were out of "morning" foods so the kids ate spaghetti al pesto for breakfast. It was dinner time in Italy!

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