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Sticky Fingers Shows Us How to Get Crafty With Duct Tape

Jul 3 2014 - 4:32am

Duct tape used to come in one color — silver. Now, you can't walk through a store without seeing dozens upon dozens of colors, shades, and patterns. So why not take advantage of the duct tape trend and create some fun crafts with your kids. Sticky Fingers [1] ($13), the latest book from craft master Sophie Maletsky, teaches kids how to turn this office supply into more than 70 creations, ranging from basic bookmarks to creative cellphone cases. In addition to being super fun, each project is super easy to make. Don't believe us? Scroll through to learn how to make two of our favorite crafts from Sticky Fingers, available now.

Source: Zest Books [2]

Duct Tape Bow

Use it as a hair accessory or an embellishment on a jacket!


Source: Zest Books [3]

Step One

Cut two strips of duct tape, one 6 inches long and one 7 inches long.

Source: Zest Books [4]

Step Two

Lay the longer piece of tape sticky side up on the work surface. Place the shorter piece of tape on top of it, sticky side down, leaving 1 inch of sticky tape showing on the short end of the longer piece.

Source: Zest Books [5]

Step Three

Fold the short, sealed edge of the tape up to meet the opposite edge of the double thickness. Fold the sticky 1-inch flap of the tape down onto it to secure the tape in a loop.

Source: Zest Books [6]

Step Four

Cut a strip of duct tape 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch long for the center of the bow. This can be of a contrasting color or pattern, if you like.

Source: Zest Books [7]

Step Five

Find the center of the loop, and pinch the top and bottom edges together to form the bow shape. It might help to flatten the loop, fold it in half lengthwise, then fold each of the sides in half again.

Source: Zest Books [8]

Step Six

Secure the middle of the bow with the strip of tape from step four.

Source: Zest Books [9]

Duct Tape Wallet

Why spend money on a wallet when kids can customize their own?


Source: Zest Books [10]

Step One

Measure 3 1/2 inches up from the bottom of the duct tape, and mark it with a dry-erase marker. Fold the bottom of the fabric up along this mark.

Source: Zest Books [11]

Step Two

Fold the top of the fabric down so that its crease rests on the top of the bottom flap. The duct tape fabric should now resemble an envelope.

Source: Zest Books [12]

Step Three

Cut a 4-inch piece of duct tape and cut or rip it in half lengthwise, creating two 4-inch strips of duct tape.

Source: Zest Books [13]

Step Four

Seal the short edges of the envelope by laying the 4-inch strips over the open ends. The top flap of the envelope now forms a pocket on the front.

Source: Zest Books [14]

Step Five

Flip the envelope over, and fold the strips of tape onto themselves lengthwise to seal the ends.

Source: Zest Books [15]

Step Six

Open the envelope back up by cutting all the way along the long top side. This will be the part of the wallet where you keep money. Be sure that the top openings and the existing pocket both have their openings facing the same direction. Trim any overhanging corners of tape.

Source: Zest Books [16]

Step Seven

Create individual wallet pockets by tearing off a strip of duct tape that is 1/4 inch wide and a little longer than the width of the wallet.

Source: Zest Books [17]

Step Eight

Fold the wallet in half, and mark the center with a marker or by creasing it with your finger. Take the strip of duct tape from step seven and lay it down the center of the wallet, dividing the front pocket into two separate pockets. Tuck any overhanging tape inside the larger money pocket.

Source: Zest Books [18]

Step Nine

Snip the sealed tape edges where the pocket is formed to allow enough room for the cards.

Source: Zest Books [19]

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