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15 Delicious Passover Recipes For Tots

Apr 19 2016 - 12:20pm

Passover may be all about doing without, but convincing little ones to forgo their favorite standby meals won't fly in most households. After Friday's first seder, removing leavened bread from a tot's diet doesn't have to be a recipe for disaster. We've rounded up some kid-friendly recipes that remove the holiday's forbidden ingredients but will still bring kids to the table at mealtime.

Matzo Pizza

Going without pizza for a full week can be torture for some tots (and their parents). While you can simply add sauce and cheese to a sheet of matzo, this recipe [1] makes it a bit more appealing to those with more sophisticated pizza palates.

Source: Skinny Taste [2]

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Forget a boring piece of matzo covered with jam. Combine some cottage cheese, matzo meal, and eggs, and you have some sweet pancakes [3] that are the perfect way to start the day.

Matzo-Crusted Chicken

Chicken fingers might be on the "no-no list," but with some creativity, you can create the same concept with matzo. Martha Stewart [4]'s matzo-crusted chicken cutlets [5] can be cut into strips prior to cooking for a traditional kiddie meal.

Source: Martha Stewart [6]

Apple Cinnamon Matzo Brei

Add some apple, cinnamon, and walnuts to this traditional Passover favorite [7], and you have a sweet breakfast dish that you'll want to make year-round.

Source: Weelicious [8]

Matzo Huevos Rancheros

Breakfast for dinner one night can take on a Mexican twist with this tasty (and different!) matzo huevos rancheros [9] recipe. If your family doesn't eat beans during Passover, then just leave them out!

Source: Cooking With My Kid [10]

Homemade Matzo

Sure, you can grab a box of matzo, spread some butter on it, and call it a snack, but the kids will love making their own! This easy-to-follow homemade matzo recipe [11] is a great way to show them that the dough doesn't rise.

Source: Flickr user RonAlmog [12]

Sweet-Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Going without pasta is one of the hardest parts of the holiday for tots. This sweet-potato gnocchi recipe [13] allows them to indulge in a bit of Italian cooking while maintaining a flour-free meal.

Source: Cooking With Amy [14]

Matzo Granola

Whether eaten as a snack or breakfast, homemade matzo granola [15] is an easy way to bypass traditional cereals. Best of all, it can be adapted to suit your family's tastes.

Source: Martha Stewart [16]

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Do your kids love meatballs? Then they'll love these sweet and sour meatballs [17] from The Shiksa. She replaces the chili sauce with a homemade version that makes it kosher for Passover as well as replacing breadcrumbs with matzo meal. The results are sure to be a a winner with tots and grown-ups alike.

Source: The Shiksa [18]

Brisket Matzo Tacos

You don't have to sacrifice your weekly taco night for Passover. This brisket matzo tacos recipe [19] uses Chipotle-braised brisket, horseradish crema, tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and red onion to re-create the taste of a beef taco, and substitutes matzo for masa in the tortillas.

Source: Food Republic [20]

Passover Noodle Kugel

A staple at most Jewish holiday meals, the noodle kugel isn't usually associated with Passover due to the pasta used in the recipe. This Passover noodle kugel [21] uses Kosher for passover noodles, cottage cheese, and ground-up coconut macaroons to re-create the taste.

Source: The Food Yenta [22]

Cauliflower Pizza Bites

These may look like muffins, but instead of flour, they use grated cauliflower and cottage cheese to create healthy — and Passover-friendly — pizza bites [23]. How fun!

Source: DAMY Health [24]

Special Gluten-Free Passover Croissants

Croissants over Passover? They can be done, and they're gluten free too! Pastrydiva's Passover croissants [25] may become your kids' favorite breakfast all week.

Matzo Nachos

After seeing these matzo nachos [26], all we could think was, "Why didn't we think of that?" Whether served as an after-school snack or as dinner, we think kids will love digging into these nachos.

BBQ Chicken Latkes Sliders

Two all-time favorites in one bite-size dish? Sign us up! These BBQ chicken latkes sliders [27] may be the ultimate indulgence — and we're sure the kids will love 'em!

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