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15 Easy and Creative Kid Crafts — All From Instagram

Mar 25 2014 - 4:32am

There's nothing like some good arts and crafts to get kids using their imaginations — and keep them entertained for hours. Before you think it's too much of a hassle (the supplies! the mess! the cleanup!), consider these genius ideas straight from Instagram. They're creative, they're fun, and they're low-maintenance; it really doesn't get much better than that.

Making Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers out of tissue looks way more complicated than it actually is. All it takes is a few layers of colored paper and the right folding technique.

Source: Instagram user hopefulhope22 [1]

Crafting With Clothespins

How fun is this caterpillar made from clothespins? Just think of all the other creations kids can come up with.

Source: Instagram user thebottomsupblog [2]

Building Toothpick Sculptures

This is one awesome idea, if you ask us. Grab some marshmallows and toothpicks, and let kids create their very own jungle-gym-like sculptures.

Source: Instagram user aprilswindow [3]

Decorating Brown Paper Bags

Getting creative with lunch bags is one of the easiest ways to entertain kids. Plus, it's all about their imagination coming through.

Source: Instagram user abbadabz [4]

Playing With Pipe Cleaners

You can twist 'em and mold 'em into pretty much any shape you please; having fun with pipe cleaners is like being a balloon artist without the hassle.

Source: Instagram user dcpbrooklyn [5]

Transforming Paper Plates

Moo! Cows are just one of the many creations kids can make out of the paper plates you have lying around.

Source: Instagram user kateyrose18 [6]

Hand Painting

Imagine all the creative designs (flowers included) they can make from hand and feet painting.

Source: Instagram user namoli777 [7]

Making Friendship Bracelets

It's a craft that requires few supplies (string and tape) and a technique that even the littlest ones can learn. An added bonus: kids can actually share it with their friends.

Source: Instagram user sehcunningham [8]

Painting With Nature

Using leaves, petals, and even tangerines to paint — who knew Mother Nature could be so crafty?

Source: Instagram user ashly83 [9]

Putting Together Foam Trucks

Your local crafts store probably has all the materials, so all kids have to do is put them together for some truck fun.

Source: Instagram user creativesitters [10]

Crafting Crayon Hearts

They're not just for Valentine's Day; kids can melt crayons into hearts to spread the love all year long.

Source: Instagram user kataphatic [11]

Making a Garden Stone

Using colorful pieces and handprints to make a garden stone is a great gift idea for Grandma.

Source: Instagram user livealittlewilder [12]

Decorate Pots

With just a few markers, tots can doodle on flowerpots (and maybe make paper flowers to go along with them).

Source: Instagram user diyonthecheap [13]

Making Masks

Kids'll get a kick out of the masks they can put together with a few simple supplies, like paper plates and crayons.

Source: Instagram user creativesitters [14]

Make a Stained-Glass Craft

Stained glasses aren't just pretty to look at — they can also let kids explore light and color.

Source: Instagram user olivia_lauren96 [15]

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