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The Best Baby Shower Guest: Ellen DeGeneres

Apr 17 2013 - 2:21pm

Want to get the most fun gifts at your baby shower? Then add Ellen DeGeneres [1] to your guest list! The comedian and talk-show host has been gifting expectant celebs and new parents with some of the most fun — and outrageous — gifts imaginable! The latest recipient, Kristen Bell [2], is now the proud owner of a baby sloth costume to help keep her newborn daughter, Lincoln, looking like her mama's favorite animal. She's the latest in a long line of guests to receive a gift from the host. From baby carriers featuring angel wings to blinged-out strollers, check out some of the fun presents Ellen has bestowed on guests to her show!

Britney Spears's Blinged-Out Stroller

When Britney was pregnant with Sean Preston, she visited Ellen with her then-husband Kevin Federline [3]. The host presented them with a Silver Cross Balmoral Pram that she had "pimped out" with spinning chrome wheels, neon lights, and a Sony DVD player!

Source: Warner Bros. [4]

Brad Pitt's Baseball Team

While promoting Moneyball, Brad Pitt [5] visited Ellen DeGeneres [6] in her LA studio. Though there were no new babies on the way for the Jolie-Pitt family, the host still gave her friend a fun gift — baseball jersey t-shirts for the entire family.

Source: Warner Bros. [7]

Jessica Simpson's Comfy Heels

What to get a mama-to-be who just isn't ready to trade her high heels for a pair of flats? For Jessica Simpson [8]'s visit to the show, Ellen gifted her with a pair of slipper heels — custom-made high-heel slippers to wear in the hospital!

Source: Warner Bros. [9]

Hilary Duff's Mini All Star

Hilary Duff [10] visited the Ellen set shortly after announcing her pregnancy and was gifted with a mini hockey uniform complete with a helmet and skates so baby Luca can hit the ice with his hockey-playing dad.

Source: Warner Bros. [11]

Miranda Kerr's Blinged-Out Kokopax Baby Carrier

Miranda Kerr [12] may be used to walking the runway with Victoria's Secret angel wings attached to her outfit, but now lil Flynn can experience the angel transformation. Ellen DeGeneres [13] gifted the model mama with a blinged-out Kokopax baby carrier complete with wings, a built-in powder compact, makeup, hair brushes, and a full-size mirror — everything a fashion maven mom could want!

Source: Warner Bros. [14]

David Beckham's Mini Teammate

After welcoming his first daughter, Ellen DeGeneres [15] gifted David Beckham [16] with a pink mini LA Galaxy tracksuit for lil Harper to wear to daddy's games.

Source: Warner Bros. [17]

Mario Lopez's Six-Pack Baby Bjorn

Playing on Mario Lopez's amazing physique, Ellen DeGeneres [18] gifted the dad-to-be with a pumped-up Baby Bjorn that included a set of six-pack abs to impress the moms on the playground.

Source: Warner Bros. [19]

Patrick Dempsey's Pint-Size Surgeons

Patrick Dempsey [20] isn't a doctor, but he plays one on TV and Ellen DeGeneres [21] didn't let that fact slip by when the actor visited her set. Prior to the birth of his twins, she gave him two sets of baby scrubs inscribed with "McCutie" and "McCudlie."

Source: Warner Bros. [22]

Will Ferrell's Figure Skating Champs

Prior to the birth of baby Axel, Will Ferrell [23] was gifted with a set of ice dancing outfits that mimicked his own costume from Blades of Glory.

Source: Warner Bros. [24]

Kate Hudson's Wearable Playmat

Kate Hudson [25] appeared on Ellen discussing the comedic birth of baby Bing. Knowing how busy a mom can be, Ellen created a wearable playmat for the new mama full of rattles, rings, pacifiers, and snacks that Kate can wear while running after her sons.

Source: Warner Bros. [26]

Sharon Osbourne's Tattooed Onesie

Before becoming a grandma, Sharon Osbourne visited Ellen and was gifted a onesie to help the baby feel at home with the tattooed family. The custom onesie was complete with tattooed arms and necklaces just like grandpa Ozzy wears.

Source: Warner Bros. [27]

Chris Pratt's Ellen Gear

Soon after his wife, Anna Faris [28], gave birth to baby Jack, Chris Pratt visited Ellen, where he received some Ellen-branded goodies to complement his supply of Ellen underwear.

Source: Warner Bros. [29]

Jackson Rathbone's Country Gear

Jackson Rathbone was the proud recipient of a great country-Western outfit for his newborn son.

Source: Warner Bros. [30]

Kristen Bell's Baby Sloth Costume

Kristen Bell [31]'s love of sloths is legendary, so she was ecstatic when Ellen DeGeneres [32] gave her a baby sloth costume for baby Lincoln!

Source: Warner Bros. [33]

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