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37 Things to Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends

Aug 19 2015 - 4:22am

The end of Summer is fast approaching, which means that the new school year [1] is just around the corner. Before your kids head back to school [2], make sure to help them enjoy the last few weeks of the warm weather season! These activities are fun and easy and will make sure that your kids have great memories of their school break.

Pack a Picnic

Enjoy the weather with your little ones by eating lunch [3] outdoors, whether at the beach or in a local park.

Pretty Painting

Your kids will love DIYing [4] their own shoes for school. All you need to get their creativity flowing is some fabric paint and a pair of white sneakers!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Introduce your kids to the stories of your youth by digging up Choose Your Own Adventure books from the library.

Decorate Your Sidewalks With Fabulous Chalk Art

There's nothing better for getting the young ones ready for art class than a bit of outdoor [5] inspiration!

Make Your Own Trail Mix

This activity is fun and tasty and helps you get the kids ready for school! Go to the local bulk-foods store for family favorites, then combine fruits, nuts, and a bit of candy for a DIY [6] school snack.

Get a Strike at the Bowling Alley

Your children will love wearing funny shoes and beating you due to their bumper advantage.

Splash in the Sprinklers

Since the warm weather is fading fast, your children will love the chance to cool off with your backyard [7] sprinklers.

Get Sticky With S'mores

Nothing says Summer quite like this chocolaty, gooey marshmallow treat [8]. The kiddos will enjoy being able to toast their own marshmallows, not to mention eating the delicious result!

Explore Your World

Seeing new places [9] is wonderful exposure for kids and a great way to get some exercise! Take the tykes for a hike before they head back to the classroom.

Enjoy Cozy Camping in a Blanket Fort

Building the perfect blanket fort is a quintessential childhood experience, so soak it in with your kids. Whether you read stories in your new fortress or bring in the iPad for a Frozen viewing, your children will never forget moments like this.

Get "Cool" With a Make-Your-Own Sundae Bar

Kids love getting creative with their food, so let them pick their own sundae toppings for a dessert they'll never forget.

Enjoy Fun Fighting With Water Balloons

Another great way to cool off during the last stretch of Summer is to throw water balloons. Every water balloon fighting style is different, so don't be surprised if your child has an impressive strategy for soaking the competition!

Beat the Heat at the Beach

There's nothing more summery than a trip to the beach. Hit your local shore, lake, or river for some fun in the water [10]!

Conquer Your Kids' Cookie Cravings

Baking as a family is a wonderful bonding experience that also helps the children gain confidence in the kitchen. Have them assist you in baking a batch of cookies [11], then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Fun in the Fountain

Because most city homes don't have yards or swimming pools, a great Summer option for urban parents is an outing with the kids to splash in the local fountain. These areas are great for making new friends and escaping the seasonal heat.

Movie Marathon Madness

With a new school year comes homework, early bedtimes, and restricted TV time. Your kids will appreciate one last day in front of the TV — make it worthwhile by providing classic movie snacks and their favorite films [12]!

Writing Letters to Loved Ones

If you want your kids to practice their penmanship before school begins, have them write sweet letters to friends and family! Your children will not only be proud of their writing, but they'll also enjoy sending a special treat to the people who matter most in their lives.

Go Green

Since most kids love playing in the dirt, why not channel it into something productive? Plant a family herb garden during these last moments of Summer, then tend to the plants year-round. It'll be a great opportunity for your kids to learn about natural growth processes and appreciate the food they eat.

Personal Pizza Party

Much like the sundae bar, a make-your-own pizza [13] night will be a hit with your creative kiddos.

Classic Board Game Fun

Board games are great learning tools for kids: they teach them to follow the rules, wait their turn, and pay attention to detail. What better way to exercise these valuable skills than with a family game night?

Pinkies Up For Proper Tea

Cater to your kids' appreciation of life's finer things by putting together a fancy tea party. Get dressed up, serve finger sandwiches, and remember to keep your pinkies up!

Decorate Lunch Bags

This is another activity to prepare your kids for school [14] while also enjoying the Summer season. Set them up with markers, glitter, stamps, and stickers so that they can DIY [15] their own lunch bags for the school year — they'll be incredibly proud to show off their handiwork once they're with friends in the cafeteria.

Sock It to Me

Appreciate your kids' dramatic creativity by helping them put on a sock puppet production.

Backyard Getaway

Give your kids an adventure by setting up a tent in the backyard. This is a great way to appreciate your home from a whole new angle!

Inspire Curiosity at the Local Aquarium

Escape the Summer heat by hitting the local aquarium [16], where your kids can learn about life under the sea. Perhaps you'll realize that you've got a budding marine biologist on your hands!

Read Stories Aloud

By practicing their reading skills [17] over the Summer, your kids will be prepped and ready for school, where they can impress their instructors with their new knowledge.

Step It Up For Shark Week

Shark Week is extremely educational for the kids and fun for the parents, too! Inspire a passion for education by getting into the theme.

Practice Painting

If you've got an imaginative little one, they'll simply love having their face painted. Turn them into another creature, a superhero, or even a flower!

Build and Break Lego Creations

A classic favorite for both kids and adults, Legos [18] are the perfect tool for your kids to create and destroy. They'll love to build and take apart elaborate creations!

Amuse the Kids at a Museum

Help get the children into an educational mind-set by exploring a museum [19]. There are so many things to learn before they even enter the classroom this Fall!

Get Silly on the Slip 'N Slide

Cooling off during these last Summer weeks is easy if you've got a Slip 'N Slide. You'll love seeing your little ones splash and play on this classic water toy.

Celebrate Going Back to School

If your child isn't feeling excitement for the new school year, get them pumped by throwing a back-to-school bash [20]!

Two-Wheel Training

A major accomplishment for your child this Summer can be gaining confidence on a bike [21]. Whether they're already off training wheels or still need to make that step, take them out for a ride to practice.

Jump and Play

There's a lot to be said for a classic activity like jumping rope. Join your kids in a farewell game of double Dutch before they head to school!

Fresh, Clean Fun

Sometimes chores can be fun. A driveway car wash is a great example of this — get your kiddos to help with this activity, and they'll undoubtedly turn it into a fun water fight!

Wildlife Wonderment

Is your child an animal lover? Take them to feed ducks at a local pond, observe animals at the zoo, or volunteer to play with rescues at the local animal shelter.

Blow Bubbles

Soap and water can become a magical entertainment tool when placed in the hands of children. Have a bubble-blowing contest with your kiddos, and enjoy the simple things in life.

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