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Family Ties: Letting Kids Figure It Out

My kids get along fabulously most of the time. They are at ages where they enjoy each other's company whether they are on outings or playing around the house. They delight in the bizarre games they create feeding off one another's ideas, sharing belly laughs and cracking each other up. Every so often I catch my son looking at his big sis in awe because she colors in the lines or can reach things that he can't. And in that vein she cheers him on and tells him he couldn't be any cuter. Those are the good moments. To see what else they experience,


Then there are the lil battles waged when they both want the same stuffed animal or to watch different movies — when kicking, grabbing and screeching ensues. While sibling squabbles are to be expected, I've noticed that when I am out of the room and late to referee, they figure it out. She's got a couple inches and pounds on him, but physically, they are an even match. When push comes to shove, I intervene, but since it's hard to know exactly what happened, they often take a different route. All on their own, they settle the storm. Sometimes she gives in or wraps him up in a hug. At times, he gets distracted or extends a peace offering. Either way, through these tug of wars, their relationship has turned into more than that of siblings, but friends.

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