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Skip the Stores: This Father's Day, Give Dad the Day of His Dreams

Jun 12 2014 - 12:21pm

The most valuable gift to many a dad isn't something materialistic — it's time spent with his family. While coveted quality time is plenty to be thankful for on its own, we love the idea of surprising Dad with one of these Father's Day [1] experiences come June 15. What would the man in your life do if the choice were entirely up to him? That's for you to answer, but these 13 ideas should get the wheels turning!

Source: Flickr user linsight [2]

Breakfast in Bed

While it's become synonymous with Mother's Day [3], giving dad the royal treatment with breakfast in bed cooked by the kiddos makes for an unexpected and special start to the day.

Source: Jim's Pancakes [4]

A Day at the Ballpark

No matter his sport of choice, a day at the ballpark with family in tow is a surefire way to make most any dad happy.

Source: Flickr user Ken Lund [5]

A Fishing Trip

Rent a boat for the day, sign up for a fishing excursion, or just take a trip the nearest dock or marina. It's the perfect time of year to be out on the water, and kids and parents alike will appreciate the outing.

Source: Flickr user linsight [6]

A Walk Down Memory Lane

What better day than Father's Day [7] than to share your family history with the kiddos? Take out old photo albums, scrapbooks, or whatever you have access to, and share stories about dad's younger days, and the family members who came before him.

Source: Flickr User Verino77 [8]

Hit the Greens

Whether they're old enough to play 18 holes, or putt-putt is a more appropriate speed, packing up the clubs and hitting the greens is a day that most dads will love to share with their lil ones.

Source: Flickr User Breahn [9]

An Afternoon at the Playground

Pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy an afternoon of swings, slides, and money bars.

Source: Flickr user Sean Brady [10]

A Day at the Beach

Lucky enough to live near the beach? Take advantage, and spend a day in the sun and surf with the family.

Source: Flickr User vastateparkstaff [11]

Personal Assistant For the Day

OK, this one may be more of a treat for the kids than the man of the hour . . . But what dad doesn't love showing off his adorable offspring to his colleagues?

Bike Around Town

Play tourists by exploring your town on two wheels and stopping for a special lunch.

Source: Flickr user Ed Yourdon [12]

A Daddy-and-Me Class

Sign Dad and his little ones up for a swim lesson or art class. It'll give them a chance to bond and learn a new skill.

Source: Flickr user horizontal.integration [13]

Go For a Hike

If your partner considers himself a wilderness man, then he'll love an afternoon on the trails.

Source: Flickr user dgjones [14]

Bucket List Adventure

Every guy has something he's always wanted to try but never got around to for one reason or another. Whether his is flying an airplane, driving on a racetrack, or swimming with sharks, look into ways to make it happen for him.

Source: Flickr User anyjazz65 [15]

Dad's Day Out

Let him call the shots — from morning till bedtime. You may be surprised at what an infrequent occurrence this is, but with kids' busy schedules, and mom often being the one to run the family command center, Father's Day [16] is a great time to give dad free reign over the family agenda.

Source: Flickr User Ed Yourdon [17]

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