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The Differences Between the First and Second Day of School

Aug 13 2015 - 6:51am

The first day of school is filled with many exciting moments — showing off stylish clothes and supplies, reconnecting with friends after a summer apart, and meeting new teachers. The second day . . . not so much. The back-to-school excitement wears off [1] within 24 hours, leaving both children and parents less than thrilled to tackle the next nine months. Don't believe us? Scroll through these photos, and you'll see the drastic differences between the first and second day of school.

Source: Reddit user RememberWho via Imgur [2]

First Day Wake-Up

He's ready before you get out of bed.

Second Day Wake-Up

He's begging for five more minutes.

First Day Breakfast

A meal that sends them to school with smiles and full stomachs.

Second Day Breakfast

A meal that they can eat on the bus.

First Day Locker

A well-organized storage space.

Second Day Locker

A disaster zone.

First Day Shoes

Sparkly clean.

Second Day Shoes

Scuffed and dirty.

First Day Note

An afternoon art project.

Second Day Note

An afterthought.

First Day Lunch

Something fun and filling.

Second Day Lunch

Something made from whatever is in the fridge.

First Day After-School Activities

Some fresh air and fun.

Second Day After-School Activities

Homework. Lots and lots of homework.

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