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A Retro Flamingo Birthday Pool Party For Two

Feb 19 2013 - 6:21pm

February may be cold and snowy in much of our country, but in Australia, this month is all about sunshine. So it was the perfect time of year to throw a combined birthday pool party for Tess and Sienna, the daughter of Leanne Ambrogio of Sweet Style [1], a stylish event planning and party supply company. "Once the pool party idea was set, we then wanted to come up with a cool theme to go with it . . . so enter the retro pink flamingo!" Leanne says. "Tess' mom is a super-genius graphic designer, so she came up with the amazing invitation and party stationery that set the tone for the entire day. Both the girls love blue so we incorporated this into the color theme. It was perfect to tie in with the pool!" A candy and cake table (featuring an awesome ombre, flamingo-topped cake) and a fun outdoor ice-cream bar ensured that this party appealed to guests of all ages. Keep clicking for all the chic details.

Source: Sweet Style [2]


The flamingo invitations, designed by one of the birthday girls' moms.

Source: Sweet Style [3]

Dessert Table

"The dessert and candy table showcased the gorgeous cake by Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes [4]," says Leanne Ambrogio of Sweet Style. "Our brief to Jacki was to provide a simple cake that encompassed the ombre blue colour and two pretty flamingos representing both the girls. Her design cake was amazing – look at those gorgeous flamingo figurines on top."

Source: Sweet Style [5]

Flamingo Signs

A "happy birthday" sign, mirroring the invitation.

Source: Sweet Style [6]

Pink and Blue Sweets

Sweet treats, in ombré tones of pink and blue.

Source: Sweet Style [7]

Cake Balls

Cake ball tower by Blissfully Sweet [8]. "I wanted to do something different to cake pops on sticks but still love the idea of cake balls," Leanne says. "Jacki's interpretation of the cake ball tower I asked for was just perfect! The lovely ombre color added a striking element to the table."

Source: Sweet Style [9]

Flamingo Candy Bars

Flamingo wrapped chocolate bars.

Source: Sweet Style [10]

Marshmallow Pops

More sweet treats.

Source: Sweet Style [11]

Homemade Marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows in ombré pink tones from Blissfully Sweet [12].

Source: Sweet Style [13]

Party Pops

Hot pink lollipops.

Source: Sweet Style [14]

Poolside Refreshments

"Very cute cupcakes that looked like ice cream sundaes meant we didn't need to worry about melting ice cream," Leanne says. "The jars were filled with sherbert ice cream cones and wafers for when we served the ice cream later in the party."

Source: Sweet Style [15]

Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream cupcakes by Blissfully Sweet [16].

Source: Sweet Style [17]

Beverage Bar

"The drinks station included the stunning dispenser filled with pink lemonade – perfect for the hot day!" Leanne says. "We created our great ice cream bar and beverage table with my mom's old drink carts. We attached painted balsawood panels to the front."

Source: Sweet Style [18]

Water Bombs

Every kid's pool party needs some water balloons!

Source: Sweet Style [19]

Birthday Girls

Birthday girls Sienna and Tess. "We kicked off the party with a very cute photo booth that we created by painting an old door pink and white," Leanne says. "The kids had so much fun picking a little prop from the basket to use while they had their photo taken, and we got some fabulous shots to send to them as part of their thank you notes. I love this one of Sienna and Tess together grinning like cheshire cats – so happy!"

Source: Sweet Style [20]

Flamingo Favors

Favors in ice cream containers.

Source: Sweet Style [21]

Party Favors

"Party favor boxes were made using mini ice-cream tubs, which went great with our Summer theme and the ice-cream themed goodies that were inside: cute little stationery items and lipgloss," Leanne says.

Source: Sweet Style [22]

Photo Fun

One happy birthday girl.

Source: Sweet Style [23]

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