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Fun Flower-Shaped Foods That Grow Your Child's Taste Buds

Mar 25 2014 - 11:51am

Nothing screams Spring like a larger-than-life floral arrangement — especially if it's made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. From fruit petals to vegetable stems, there are plenty of ways to turn your child's favorite foods into a beautiful (and edible) bouquet. The best part: you don't need a green thumb or any fancy knife skills. These easy-to-make flower-shaped treats are the perfect way to celebrate the season and feed your little one.

Fruit and Nut Flower

Even if your tot has a nut allergy, you can still whip up Bread With a Side of Butter's edible flower [1].

Source: Bread With a Side of Butter [2]

Pancake Flower

Tonya Staab's pancake flower [3] is a great way to make Saturday mornings a little more special.

Source: Tonya Staab [4]

Flower Eggs and Peppers

Use sliced peppers as a flower mold for your child's morning eggs.

Source: Instagram user banglife401 [5]

Flower Wraps

Spice up a simple wrap by slicing it into smaller pieces for the flower and using thin celery stalks as the stems.

Source: Flickr user FunFood36 [6]

Strawberry Flower

For a fun spin on breakfast, take a cue from Kiddie Foodies and top your child's yogurt with fresh fruit [7] shaped into a flower.

Source: Kiddie Foodies [8]

Flower Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

If your little one wants a warm meal, simply grill up a bouquet of Projects for Preschoolers' ham and cheese sandwiches [9]. If you don't have a flower cookie cutter, just use a knife.

Source: Projects for Preschoolers [10]

Fruity Floral Centerpiece

One Crafty Thing's melon and grape bouquet [11] doubles as dining room decor.

Source: One Crafty Thing [12]

Floral Sandwiches

To give Birthday Express's flower sandwiches [13] a more authentic feel, use a green toothpick, which doubles as a stem.

Source: Birthday Express [14]

Potted Fruit Flower

For a lunch version of Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons' edible flowerpot [15], use vegetables and hummus.

Source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [16]

Quesadilla Flower

Simply slice and rearrange your child's quesadilla to create an adorable floral arrangement.

Source: Flickr user foodfun36 [17]

Potted Flower Cookies

If you are feeling extra ambitious, try creating these gorgeous flowerpot cookies [18] from Sweet Sugar Belle.

Source: Sweet Sugar Belle [19]

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