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37 Kids (and 1 Mom) Who've Got This Tooth Fairy Thing Figured Out

Jul 22 2014 - 12:26pm

The tooth fairy must have some serious laughs at the letters our kids leave for her under their pillows, because children are pretty hilarious when it comes to wheeling and dealing with their teeth. From kids who are hard on money to kids who have other requests, we got a good chuckle at these hilarious notes written for the tooth fairy.

Source: Flickr user GoonSquadSarah [1]

The kid who is willing to negotiate.

$20? OK, $10. OK fine, $9 . . . you win, tooth fairy.

Source: Instagram user fallbornxo [2]

The kid who's no longer friends with Rick.

Rick would help look for it, but I'm guessing he's probably grounded for punching his friend in the face.

Source: Instagram user gadburysnyamouf [3]

The planner.

Brady just wants to know if this whole ordeal is going to be worth it in the end.

Source: Instagram user paxton4evr [4]

The charitable kid.


Source: Instagram user leiannahealani [5]

The kid who aims high.

After all, it is lucky number seven.

Source: Instagram user alisonipr [6]

The hard-on-money kid.

Don't we all, kid. Don't we all.

Source: Instagram user gustavo_granda_123 [7]

The micromanager.

You only had two jobs, tooth fairy. Two jobs!

Source: Instagram user karengunton [8]

The hungry kid.

So Kayla ate it — but she'll know better when she's 6.

Source: Instagram user shann408 [9]

The kid who wants you to know her struggle.

It didn't just fall out like all the kids who ate theirs. This tooth took work.

Source: Instagram user jayleesamples [10]

The kid who is over it.

Just take it. TAKE IT!

Source: Instagram user lydge_sweeney [11]

The prelaw kid.

Someone get a black light, I'm guessing there is some invisible ink on that paper somewhere.

Source: Instagram user alex_latimer [12]

The high roller.

Gotta have negotiation skills if you wanna pay the bills.

Source: Instagram user mollyhills7 [13]

The kid whose parents are over her questions.

Look, it's hard to get creative in the middle of the night — we've all been there. But, really, Tooth?!

Source: Instagram user drew_wild [14]

The kid who doesn't want any trouble.

What did he think she would do? Cover him in sparkles?

Source: Instagram user ddem2000 [15]

The kid who just wants the tooth gone.

And he's definitely not looking for any handouts.

Source: Instagram user paigecarda [16]

The kid who eats too much candy.

Clearly she didn't learn that candy is how she got the jazzy tooth in the first place.

Source: Instagram user youretheflowerinmyhair [17]

The future banker.

Huge mistake, Tyler! Everyone knows it's best to store all tooth fairy profits in an offshore account.

Source: Instagram user stephanye13 [18]

The future teacher.

I love a girl who takes charge.

Source: Instagram user taracohen24 [19]

The good-mannered, weird science kid.

The whole gap thing isn't work for her; she'd like a nice full mouth of teeth. Please and thank you.

Source: Instagram user mmmmchelle1983 [20]

The kid who knows how to butter someone up.

You are wonderful and beautiful and I love you and you are my favorite person. So, about that present . . .

Source: Instagram user moosue27 [21]

The kid who's really embarrassed by her mom.

Yeah, I think she is entitled to a gift still. Mom, on the other hand . . .

Source: Instagram user cat_daddy206 [22]

The believer kid (sort of).

Though I think the tooth fairy is on thin ice.

Source: Instagram user verymerryseamstress [23]

The kid who's willing to take anything.

That's my kind of kid.

Source: Instagram user shoshacapps [24]

The sensitive kid.

Ball is in your court, Mom, er, tooth fairy.

Source: Instagram user anetrabey [25]

The visual learner.

Because, you know, the tooth fairy still isn't quite clear on what exactly a tooth looks like.

Source: Instagram user nicoleperanteau [26]

The cash-only kid.

Honestly, where would the tooth fairy even swipe a credit card anyway?

Source: Instagram user pppppow [27]

The creeped-out kid.

You know poor Henry has been terrified for this dream to occur.

Source: Instagram user sunni_hemingsen [28]

The jack-of-all-trades.

Good trade — the eyelash fairy barely gives anything for lashes anymore.

Source: Instagram user urban_dental_za [29]

The kid with a good imagination.

A castle out of teeth? Um, gross.

Source: Instagram user kc__unreal [30]

The take-it-or-leave-it kid.

So basically, tooth fairy, cough it up.

Source: Instagram user oranjhairgirl [31]

The passive-aggressive poet.

T is for thank you (unless you leave less than $3).

Source: Instagram user gemmy_bear [32]

The more pain, more gain kid.

Do you know how hard this crooked tooth was on her?

Source: Instagram user kelsweid [33]

The kid who probably needs a new bed.

Welp, this doesn't seem safe.

Source: Instagram user nickdurment [34]

The proof-is-in-the-pudding kid.

You want proof, he'll give you your proof.

Source: Instagram user mrswigginss [35]

The wishy-washy begger.

I love the part where he suggests the tooth fairy reward his friend too.

Source: Instagram user britneysparkles [36]

The mom who's in the dog house.

I feel for her. You know this was a long, long day in her house.

Source: Instagram user toddinohio [37]

The confused kid.

I mean, I would be weirded out if I woke up on top someone else's tooth too.

Source: Instagram user kuchey [38]

The too-old kid.

She knows it's her mom, but she still wants her money (at least she's polite about it).

Source: Instagram user sarahlouiselong [39]

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