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orangeelephant orangeelephant 2 years
I don't understand how any mom can judge another mom when we are all just trying to survive and doing the best we can. My oldest never used a pacifier because i didn't believe in it for me. She was all i had to take care of. Now with my second i am tempted to try just so my oldest can have a bit more attention. Using a pacifier is only lazy if you depend on it to keep your babe healthy. What if you just use one to calm a screaming baby in the car when you can't do anything else but concentrate on the road?
ASM6427 ASM6427 2 years
To each his own! Whatever works for that individual.
MariahMaskey MariahMaskey 2 years
The use of pacifiers is NOT because a mom is lazy. Calm down. A little insight?? Really?? I've got 5 kids, 3 used pacifiers 2 did not. It was up to the kid if they needed the additional soothing after feeding, and cuddling. Two of them came with a slew of medical/health problems that created babies that wanted to suck on something for hours on end. There is a marked difference between nursing because they're hungry and pacifying on mom for hours on end because of a health reason creating a need to soothe with the sucking behavior. One of the saddest things I saw in the NICU were tiny babies that just wanted to suck on something, but the mom who swung by to visit for a couple hours a day declared they weren't allowed to have a pacifier. So MEAN! Those babies need anything that will comfort them and help them conquer the health problems they're fighting! My 3 that used them decided they were done between 8 and 9 months on their own. If you don't like pacifiers, and don't want to use them, then don't look at the article showing creative models available. Until you've had a whole little mob of babies dropped on ya, you haven't earned the right to dump "insight" on anyone. The more babies, close together, you have the more you'll realize your holier than thou, judgmental, approach is a load of junk. If you don't like pacifiers then stay out of the pacifier articles. Have a great day...
ColleenORorke ColleenORorke 2 years
Pacifiers and soothers are for those who can't think outside the box, and well are quite lazy. I sometimes laugh when people complain about their children's oral fixations with dirt, hair, toys, rocks, food, fingers, etc...gee I wonder, every time your baby cries, stick a rubber sucky in it's mouth, then complain why?, what did you think would happen. I am a proud mother of 4 and have never used a pacifier or soother, there really is no need, just use your head and figure out what the real issue is and work with it, don't cover it up by plugging their hole for your satisfaction...just a little insight!
Crystal14599211 Crystal14599211 2 years
You missed out on the Bling Pacifiers by Crystal Dream
jonidaniels11014 jonidaniels11014 2 years
My oldest which is almost 6 now when he was about 9 months had one that said "Bad Ass". Not really funny now that I'm a little older and more wise but at 24 I thought it was funny.
AdelineMikka1367275340 AdelineMikka1367275340 2 years
My three children are now all grown - the youngest is 36 - I NEVER used pacifiers!!
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