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20 Stock Photos of Kids That Missed the Mark

Dec 30 2014 - 7:21am

Kids will be kids . . . Except when they're being awkwardly posed for a stock photo shoot that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. We had so much fun gathering up the weirdest and wildest pregnancy photos [1] last week that we just had to keep a good thing going with the family theme. These 20 stock photos of babies, kids, and "others" (you'll see . . . ) will have you laughing, scratching your head, and wondering what in the world these photographers were thinking.

Wait, that's not Mount Rushmore . . .

It's the infamous "no-head doll."

Oddly, she's still calmly reading her book.

Normally, we're not ones to judge . . . But we're terrified of this kid.

Did his head just start spinning?

Well, this game of make-believe seems to have taken an unfortunate turn.

All we are saying is . . . Give peas a chance.

Though to be honest, we'd be pretty disappointed if someone tried to serve us this for dinner too.

Whoa, guys. It's OK. You're not really stuck in there.

We think this family's ready for a vacation.

This is what discipline looks like in our house too. Really.

And is it bad that we're surprised it took all of those kids to make that mediocre mess?

Sometimes it feels like this is what our kids are doing to us, but this is pretty literal.

Oh my! Don't mess with this girl.

Sibling rivalry takes a sinister twist.


Wait. We searched "baby." What is this?

Oh no! He's back, and he's got blocks!

We consider ourselves to be close with our kids too, but seriously?


What's going on here?! Is this his Dad? The creature from the Black Lagoon?

Um, helicopter parent much?

Normally we advocate the wearing of helmets. But not in this case.

I don't care if he has candy, Mom. I don't want this Easter Bunny to come to our house EVER AGAIN.

Agh! He's back again.

Nightmares. Seriously — nightmares.

What's the appropriate punishment for this?

So wrong. On so many levels. And the caption? Simply "karate lessons."

We'd be pretty stressed if our kids started multiplying too.

Buddy, this is NOT going to attract the kind of attention you want from the ladies.

When bad photo shoots happen to good people . . .

"Mother and father care for newborn baby." (Really?)

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