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Baby Nerds Unite! 10 Products to Delight Future Trekkies (and Their Parents)

Oct 6 2011 - 10:05am

The geeks shall inherit the earth! There's never been a better time to be — or raise — a geek, nerd, dork, or brain.

Since mama geek and dada geek made the extreme effort to get off Dragon Fable and into the bedroom to create a nooblet, the least everyone can do is buy them appropriate presents.

Click through for a selection of toys, gear, and books sure to impress lil Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. May the Force be with you.

Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks ($27)

Is there a nobler nerd calling than that of mad scientist? These Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks [1] are engraved with illustrations of different disciplines of mad scientists including L for Laser, E for Experiment, and U for Underground Lair. If that's not geeky enough for you, the blocks have a super-secret built-in encryption function — if you rotate any block 180 degrees, it'll encode to ROT13.

Plush Caltrop Set ($16)

A Caltrop was a weapon favored by cavalrymen from the late Middle Ages. Duh. This Plush Caltrop Set [2] allows tots to work out their jock revenge fantasies without doing any real damage.

HTML for Babies ($9)

Forget Pig Latin, all the cool kids know HTML. HTML for Babies [3]: it's never too early to be standards compliant!

Nerdy Baby ABC Flashcards for Very Young Scientists ($19)

A is for Atom, B is for Binary Code, C is for Cell Membrane in these Nerdy Baby ABC Flashcards for Very Young Scientists [4].

Sci-Fi Baby Names ($11)

Before there's a nerd baby, there's a pregnant nerd mama somewhere trying to figure out the perfect name — obscure, but still recognizable to the inner sanctum. Sci-Fi Baby Names [5] is the perfect baby shower gift, especially if it happens to be a Matrix-themed party.

My Dad's a Geek Onesie ($24)

My dad's a geek [6]. Yup, he is, and I'm proud!

My Little Geek ABC Book ($20)

A is for Android and Z is for Zombie in My Little Geek ABC Book [7], a board book for lil geeklets who are just so over C is for Cat.

Erector 100 Piece Bucket ($36)

Erector sets [8], one of the original nerd identifiers, are not only still around, but better than ever with sets designed for especially nuts-and-bolts-focused lil masterminds.

X-Babies Comic Books

Tots well versed in the adventures of X-Babies [9] will be the toast of Comic-Con.

Little Star Wars Costumes ($13-$20)

Just in time for Halloween (or the next convention, whichever comes first), Little Star Wars Costumes [10] are the perfect daddy and baby costume idea. Luke, I am your father. Major bonus points if the baby is really named Luke, which he probably is if his father is attending Star Wars conventions on a regular basis.

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