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The Evolution of Getting Your Daughter's Ears Pierced (or Not)

Jul 3 2014 - 1:14pm

I was not one of those moms who pierced their daughter's ears as an infant, not that I have a problem with it; I just figured I'd wait until she could decide if she wanted her ears pierced or not. So when at the ripe old age of 5 my daughter decided she was totally ready, I was (once again) completely unprepared for how the whole process was actually going to go down — and now I also understand why getting your child's ears pierced as a baby is not such a bad idea!

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In the beginning she is totally against the idea of getting her ears pierced.

You tell her the truth about how the whole process is done, and she thinks ear piercing is just about the worst idea she has ever heard.

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But she is still very curious!

She becomes completely obsessed with ear piercings, and she asks anyone she can if it hurts, what it looks like from all angles, if she can touch their earrings, etc.

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And then one day she just decides she's ready!

Just like that, she wants to do it. This usually happens after most of her friends start getting their ears pierced and she sees that they survive.

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Then comes the begging.

And begging, and begging, and begging . . . "Please Mom, please pretty please can I get my ears pierced?"

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So you finally agree, and it's time to get 'er done.

After, obviously, you research the cleanest and safest place to get it done (usually the pediatrician's office wins this prize).

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Once inside the door, she starts to panic.

Here we go, you think. This is either going to be really easy or really hard.

But then she picks out "the earrings."

. . . and some cute pairs for when she gets to change them. And a small jewelry box to hold them. And cleaning supplies. Oddly, she starts to calm down while you are wondering why the person selling the earrings keeps repeating to you that once they open the sterile packaging, the pricey piercing studs are nonrefundable.

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When they mark her ears for placement, she completely loses it.

This is about when you realize this is not going to go well — and also why the checkout girl was stressing the importance of the nonrefundable earrings.

Now you're all, sh*t.

Seriously? Why did I agree to this?

But in between moments of panic, she decides she's good.

At this point you are the one doing the begging. "Honey, please decide if you really want to do this! We can't keep going back and forth."

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Now that her ears are marked and ready to go, she really starts to panic.

Which is about when you say loudly (so all the onlookers know you are not forcing this on your child), "Honey, if you are not ready, we don't have to do this today."

Just before the holes are about to be pierced, she opts out.

And all you can do is laugh.

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Tomorrow! She says.

Once you're on your way home, she says, "Tomorrow. I think I'll be ready tomorrow."

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It's the first time you've ever seen your daughter be disappointed in herself.

And it stings, because you know this also won't be the last time.

But you're actually really proud of her!

While the whole process has been less than ideal, you're proud that she didn't do something she wasn't comfortable with just because her friends did it. Mommy's first victory over peer pressure!

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