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A Soccer Party That's Sure to Score!

Jun 9 2014 - 11:16am

Many girls want a birthday party that revolves around princesses and includes the color pink, which is why Monique Grafton was superexcited to plan a soccer-themed soiree for her client's 8-year-old daughter.

"I did this party shortly after starting my business about a year and a half ago," Monique, owner of Bash Party Styling [1], tells us. The mom and party planner searched the web and Pinterest for inspiration, but in the end, the ideas for this soccer party came straight from Monique's mind — with a little help!

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil kicking off this week, we could all use a little inspiration for a soccer bash. Scroll through to see pictures from a party that really scores!

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [2]

Let the Game Begin!

A soccer net and birthday banner welcomed guests to the party.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [3]

Have a Ball!

The soccer balls were used as both decor and a gift for guests to take home at the end of the party.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [4]

Hydration Station

Monique found these water bottle labels on Etsy [5] ($3).

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [6]

DIY Decor

In order to display soccer balls, Monique used two silver buckets that flanked both sides of the net.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [7]

Snack Break

Monique turned to a local grocery story for these soccer-ball-shaped sugar cookies.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [8]

The Love of the Game

Monique kept the design fairly simple, using glass and steel platters to showcase the desserts and decorations.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [9]

Big Green Goodies

The cookies weren't the only sweet treats. Guests also dined on green candy and cupcakes from a local grocery store.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [10]

The Final Score

Monique decorated store-bought bags with handmade decals.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [11]

It's a (Hair) Tie!

In addition to the balls and other goodies, guests were given soccer-themed ponytail holders. Monique simply glued a bow, made from soccer-ball ribbon, to a hair tie to create these special gifts.

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [12]

The Guest of Honor

"My favorite moment is when the guest of honor gets to see the party once I'm done setting up," Monique says. "It's always priceless." But what was Kendall's favorite part of her big day? Monique says it may have been the decor.

"She loved being able to take the goalie net down and play soccer with her friends."

Source: Arica Grafton Photography [13]

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