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The 2011 Toy Fair Must Haves For Kids

Feb 17 2011 - 6:00am

The 2011 Toy Fair [1] was packed with new products for the coming year. The hardest part, after seeing them all, is waiting for them to be available for purchase. Though there were several hot trends [2] in this year's offerings, a few goodies will be on my shopping list. Check out my 10 favorites.

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop, which will be available this Fall, encourages letter and word recognition by having kids pick out a card and then scoop for letters that match the words – but be careful, you don't want to pick a fly out of the pot! (And cooking fans keep an eye out for a chef's version of the letter game at the same time.)

Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster

Elmo isn't the only talking pal on Sesame Street this year. The animated Count 'n Crunch Cookie Monster will aid lil ones learning their numbers by gobbling up "cookies" that are then stored in his backpack. Featuring the furry, blue monster's recognizable voice and phrases, the toy is adorable!

Star Wars Jedi Force Millennium Falcon

Star Wars has captivated fans of the intergalactic series for years, but most of the series' toys were made for older tots with small and complicated pieces. Playskool's line of Heroes is designed for toddlers that want in on the action. Using the company's motto, "Big boy brands for little boy hands," the line will include the Star Wars Jedi Force Millennium Falcon ($35) featuring easy-to-manipulate pieces and two characters.

Build and Store Art and Activity Table

Step2's latest offer is the Build and Store Art and Activity Table, which is designed for more than just artwork. With an included LEGO playmat and large flat surface, it can double up as a play table for any activity.

Playmobil Hand-Launch Glider

Playmobil is taking the fun outdoors this Spring with its new Hand-Launch Gliders ($20). The styrofoam planes each come with pilot to weight them as they fly through the air.

Green Toys Pizza Parlor

In March, Green Toys will introduce their foray into play food. Using the company's recipe for converting used milk cartons into eco-friendly toys, a set that allows tots to create their own pizza parlor ($25) has been designed. Each set will come with four crusts and stackable toppings to create the ultimate pie. Cardboard pizza boxes and an order pad are also included. Best of all — it's all dishwasher safe, should someone feel the need to try to take a real bite out of it!


Perhaps my favorite find at the fair, Berg Toys, a company known for its amazing go-karts, has introduced a line of constructable bikes. The Dutch-designed MOOV, which comes in three different sized kits, encourages tots to build and then use their creations. Using color-coded rings, wheels, and axles, children can create bikes, scooters, lifts, and more. Take the item apart and remodel as often as you like, it's made for that! At $360 the kits are pricey, but given the number of items they convert to, they're less expensive than buying one of each!

P'kolino Fishing Hole Size Sorter

The shape sorter is getting a makeover with P'kolino's [3] new Fishing Hole Size Sorter. Simply line up the wooden fish with the appropriate slot, then watch and listen as they make their way into the "pond." A nice change from the traditional version, I loved the combination of color and sound.

LEGO City Space Port

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle, LEGO is introducing a whole line of space center kits. The LEGO City Space Port ($70) is the crown jewel in the line.

Plan Toys Build-a-Robot

Originally designed to help autistic children learn to differentiate emotions, Plan Toys' [4] Build-a-Robot is a teaching tool for all tots. The "surprised" face includes a squeaker in the head that is meant to surprise kids too!

B. Toys' Wheee-mote Control Cars

The one button B. Toys' Wheee-mote Control Cars are the ideal first remote control vehicle for kids. They simply press the button and watch the car move every which way. When the car hits a wall, it turns on its own. Its clear windows also allow tots to see the inner gears working as it zooms away. The box's packaging can be reversed to be made into gift wrap.

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