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Harry Potter Author's Son Granted Privacy

Harry Potter Author's Son Granted Privacy

J.K. Rowling won a small victory against a photo agency that published a long lens photo of her son, but it may prove to be a big win for celebrities trying to protect their wee ones from the paparazzi.

According to a Reuters report, the Harry Potter author and her husband, Dr Neil Murray sued Express Newspapers and Big Pictures agency over a photo taken of their son, David in 2004.

To see what happened,


The picture of the young child, not yet two, was shot while he rode in a stroller pushed by his parents and ran in a Sunday Express magazine.

And, after the case being thrown out of court initially, the appeal was victorious.

A judge said:

If a child of parents who are not in the public eye could reasonably expect not to have photographs of him published in the media, so too should the child of a famous parent," he said in the judgment.

The couple who has tried to give their children a normal life despite J.K.'s fame, was thrilled by the verdict and issued a statement that said:

"We are immensely grateful to the court for giving our children protection from covert, unauthorized photography; this ruling will make an immediate and material difference to their lives."

What are your thoughts on the ruling?

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