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10 Father's Day Finds For Your High-Tech Hubby

Jun 9 2015 - 2:59pm

If the dad in your life is always plugged in, linked in, and tuned in to the latest high-tech gear and gadgets, then look no further. We've found nine great Father's Day [1] gift ideas perfectly suited to the techiest of dads. It takes a little extra effort to stay ahead of the curve with someone who's this in the know, so he's sure to appreciate your sleuth-like shopping.

Disa Designs Darth Vader Family Vinyl Decals

What It Is: Car, laptop, or window decals for the Star Wars-lovin' dad.

Why He Needs It: Those stick figure decals are so not his style . . . And these will allow him to introduce the kiddos to his fave flick when they're too young to actually watch.

Buy It Now: Darth Vader Family Decals [2] ($9)

Herschel Supply Co. Clark Messenger Bag

What It Is: A classic messenger bag that boasts protective storage tailor-made for all of his favorite Apple gear.

Why He Needs It: With padded compartments for his 13- or 15-inch MacBook and iPad, this stylish messenger bag will be his everyday go-to for work, travel, and everything in between!

Buy It Now: Herschel Supply Co. Clark Messenger Bag [3] ($100)

Red Tile Studio Retro Camera iPhone Case

What It Is: A retro camera case for his iPhone 4/4S.

Why He Needs It: Because the majority of your family photos are taken via iPhone these days anyway . . .

Buy It Now: Retro Camera iPhone Case [4] ($36)

Logitech Harmony Home Hub

What It Is: A wi-fi enabled system that turns his smartphone into a universal remote control for gadgets around the house.

Why He Needs It: He'll feel like the master of the techie universe with control of up to eight devices such as televisions, lights, thermostats, and more.

Buy It Now: Logitech Harmony Home Hub [5] ($100)

Uncommon Goods Geek Wrist Watch

What It Is: The most confusing watch we've ever seen.

Why He Needs It: Because he'll be the only guy at the office with this crazy watch. Just make sure he always has his phone on him as backup and doesn't start using the lack of normal numbers as an excuse to be late for carpool.

Buy It Now: Geek Wrist Watch [6] ($68)

Aluratek 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame

What It Is: A more modern way to show off the family.

Why He Needs It: If picture frames are overtaking his work desk, a digital frame is the perfect way for him to maximize the number of photos while minimizing the clutter.

Buy It Now: Aluratek 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame [7] ($35, originally $52)

Mophie iPhone Charger

What It Is: A way to recharge when he's on the go.

Why He Needs It: The Mophie lets Dad charge his iPhone without the use of an outlet, which will allow him to take more photos of the kids.

Buy It Now: Mophie iPhone Charger [8] ($100-$150)

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

What It Is: The next generation of Bose's SoundLink Speaker — the Mini is even sleeker and more portable than its predecessor.

Why He Needs It: He'll be the first of his friends to boost the new Mini Bluetooth, which is currently available for preorder and ships on July 1.

Buy It Now: SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker [9] ($180, originally $200)

Fitbit Activity Tracker Wristbands

What It Is: An activity and sleep monitor all rolled into one comfortable wristband.

Why He Needs It: One of these is the perfect way for him to make sure that fitness is incorporated into the day in some way or another in a sleek, tech-savvy fashion.

Buy It Now: Fitbit Activity Trackers [10] ($100 - $250)

Phantom 2 Photography Drone

What It Is: A high-flying camera.

Why He Needs It: A new twist on the remote-control airplanes from his childhood, the drone allows dads to take photos and videos from hundreds of feet in the air.

Buy It Now: Phantom 2 Photography Drone [11] ($960 - $1,370)

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