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Part of the magic of Christmas is in believing that a bearded man with a big belly squeezes down the chimney with a sack of toys. Whether a mother listened for reindeer on the roof or slept by the tree to catch a glimpse of Santa as a child, most people remember the moment they found out that St. Nick wasn't real. We asked our Facebook fans to share their memories. Here's what they said.

  • "He IS real." — Pam B.
  • "My parents never really played the Santa thing...they would talk about it a lil, but since I was lil, always told me they too got us gifts for under the tree, And maybe one or two would say 'from Santa'. So I got the best of both to believe in Santa but then wasn't devastated when I found out he was a myth." — Becci D.
  • "We are a family of believers. Those who do not believe do not receive. Once they no longer believe in the man, they still have to believe in the spirit and play along." — Elainne V.
  • "I was 6 and got up to get a glass of water. Walked right in to my parents filling the stockings. Oops." — Tamara B.
  • "When I was 7, I asked my Mom if there really was a Santa, she said 'what do you think?' And I started to cry." — Audrey O.
  • "When I saw my dad creep in to my room and put stuff at the foot of my bed ('Santa' delivered our stockings straight to us:)" — Katherine A.
  • "My parents never lied to me and always told me the meaning of Christmas." — Anna N.
  • "What! Santa isn't real?" — Amber H.
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Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years
I think it was first grade.... I had a suspicion that he wasn't real but I wasn't sure yet. My teacher rang this bell and said, "If you can hear it, that means you still believe in Santa." Which got me thinking... still believe? As in... there's a reason I won't believe soon? So that's how I figured it out.
MissSushi MissSushi 5 years
We were always big on santa, and it was just a natural thing we came to realize was a fun belief for the holiday, just like the rest of the holidays. We got presents marked from our parents and from santa, and the older kids had to play along with teh younger kids. We all really loved it, and we still joke about it today.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 5 years
I was about six years old when I realized that Mom and Santa had very similar handwriting. Then I saw a price tag on a barbie doll, and that sealed the deal. I felt like I had just solved one of the Great Mysteries of the Universe! I was so proud of myself! On a related note, I asked my three-year-old daughter, "Do you think Santa is real, or is that just a silly game that grownups play to surprise their kids?" She answered, "Well, maybe it's just a silly game. But I won't tell him."
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