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Tried-and-True Baby Sleep Tips For Tired Parents

Jul 26 2013 - 11:24am

Every mom and dad who's ever brought home a newborn (with the exception of a lucky few) knows that the phrase "Sleep like a baby" is a total misnomer. These little people tend to want to operate on a schedule all their own, making for long nights (and days!) for new parents. Even if you've read every book on the topic [1], talked to your pediatrician, and consulted all the smart mamas in your network, there are still some unexpected tricks and tips that you may not have heard of yet. Click through to learn six ways that real moms get their little ones to sleep, baby, sleep (finally)!

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Your new baby is happy to have joined the world, but she may not be used to all the space! Babies are born with a reflex that makes them feel as if they are falling (the Moro reflex [3]), and wrapping your wee one tightly helps prevent the feeling while reminding them of the womb. Check out some of our favorite swaddle blankets and sleep sacks [4] here.

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Establish a Routine

Think you're a creature of habit? Being settled in your own ways is nothing compared to your new baby's need for a routine. Establish a ritual early in your little one's life, and she will grow to learn that bath time leads to book time, which leads to bed.

Baby Aromatherapy

The calming scent of lavender can help ease your alert infant into a state of rest. Add a few drops of essential oil to the bathtub, or put a lavender-scented diffuser in your baby's nursery to keep the fragrance in the air all night long.

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Infant Massage

A few minutes of gentle infant massage can calm down a hyped-up baby and help them to feel safe and secure. If your baby's already dressed and you don't want to backtrack, try just gently rubbing their palms and earlobes.

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Bounce With Me, Baby

Whether or not you have a comfy glider [8], if all else is failing, try bouncing gently on a yoga ball with your baby in your arms. Some infants prefer the up-and-down motion to the back-and-forth movement of a glider or rocking chair.

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Soothing Sounds

A sound machine can be one of the smartest investments a new mom makes. For light sleepers, the gentle, constant sound of white noise, waves, or rainfall helps to drown out distractions during the night.

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