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Everything You Need to Know to Talk to Your Kids About Bullying

Aug 16 2016 - 1:04pm

Welcome to our guide to Back-to-School Success [1]: 31 days of tips, apps, recipes, and more to help you make this your family's best school year yet. Today, day 22, will help you talk about bullying with your kids.

Recently, we proudly hosted a series of Stop Bullying Now Hangouts On Air [2] with our friends at Google+ and an amazing panel of experts. If you were able to join us for any of the three live sessions, you've already picked up some tips on how to prevent bullying — both online and in person — for your kids. Here, we've gathered some of the most crucial talking points and resources that every parent should have at their disposal. To watch the most recent Hangout On Air about creating an anti-bullying toolkit in its entirety [3], click here.

Where to Start:

Keep in Mind All Elements of the Bullying Triad:

On Online Activity:

For More Information

If you're concerned about your child's involvement as a bully, victim, or bystander at school, in a social group, or online, check out some of our favorite resources on the topic:


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