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5 Signs Your Child Is Bored in School

Apr 25 2014 - 1:07pm

Boredom is not always a bad thing, and The New York Times has even suggested that it allows the brain to recast the outside world in ways that can be productive and creative [1]. But for school-age children, boredom can be more than just doodling and daydreaming about solving the world's problems; it can be counterproductive and disruptive. Is your child bored at school? Here are five signs he just might be.

Source: Flickr user Andrew Stawarz [2]

He's Disruptive in Class

Class clown? Constantly getting in trouble for disrupting class? You may think it's because he's just not a brainiac, but it could actually be the opposite. Since he is not being challenged, he might be finding other ways to keep his brain busy.

Source: Flickr user Sunny Ripert [3]

She Has Trouble With Homework

Does your child complete homework but forget to turn it in? Does she have a hard time even getting it done at all? While homework can be a challenge for anyone, consistent issues are a red flag for boredom.

Source: Flickr user anthony kelly [4]

He Tests Well but Does Mediocre Everywhere Else

Speaking of homework, if it's always an issue yet he does exceptionally well on quizzes and tests, then it's a sign that his brain might be more advanced than what is being taught.

Source: Flickr user Taylor Bennett [5]

She Daydreams — a Lot

Your child or your child's teacher may mention that she is constantly dreaming off into space during lessons, and this could be because she's actually not being challenged by the class. Talk to your child, and try to find out why she's not paying attention — chances are it's boredom.

Source: Flickr user Andrew Stawarz [6]

He Says He's Bored

If your child is constantly complaining about how boring school is, then take it to heart. Often we dismiss our kids' complaints (especially when it comes to school), but in this instance, he may actually not be engaged enough in his current situation.

Source: Flickr user Cristiano Betta [7]

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