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The Hushamok baby hammock ($430) has garnered all kinds of adoration from the interior design world for its unusual shape, but I can't help but wonder if it's too modern for most baby rooms.

It was designed to appear "womb-like" and cradles the child in a washable cotton hammock with a padded base. Would you let your lil one hang in a Hushamok?

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alethia037 alethia037 8 years
I think it looks really cool, but I voted other because it is so expensive! I could make something similar for a lot less!
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Darn it, I clicked the wrong one. I like the looks of it. A bit pricey for two months worth of cradling though.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
This does look much like the Amby bed, which is supposed to be great. The price however? Not so great.
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
kindo, I really like the look of the one you posted about.
apma apma 8 years
This doesn't look like a baby could use it for more than a couple of weeks. Not for $430. That's a waste of money for people of any income level.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 8 years
No thanks. It has more of a decorative purpose than its intended use. After the baby has outgrown it, probably in a month, I guess it can be switched and used as a planter.
kindo1313 kindo1313 8 years
A similar bed (the Amby Baby Motion Bed) was a lifesaver for us. My baby refused to sleep anywhere but in my arms until we got the hammock. After that, he started to actually take naps! I don't know about this one, but the one we have is totally safe and is even recommended by Dr. Sears. My son stayed in it until around 9 months, when he wanted to roll over and sleep on his tummy.
smhooper smhooper 8 years
i think it's a cute idea!!! i would use one for my baby!
imcs imcs 8 years
i think it looks super cute!!!
redheadkimie redheadkimie 8 years
Looks kinda dangerous to me. One wrong move and baby's on the floor...No thank you.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
The concept is great. In reality, paying $430 for something I could only use for a really short amount of time is ridiculous.
I voted no, but after thinking about it - it might work. But only for the first few months, after that no way jose. Unless you had them swaddled really well. In the apartment I live in now, before I came some people said there were hippies that kept their baby in a hammock, and I mean a real hammock. It does look pretty cool though.
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