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Shutterbug: 21 Inspiring Ideas For Photographing Your Baby

Feb 10 2013 - 5:56am

Your precious baby deserves to be photographed — often! Like most mamas, we always seem to have our camera ready to capture special moments, but what about documenting your baby in everyday situations? Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us going. So we've pulled together 21 of our favorite ideas for photographing your lil one. Time to get snapping!

Source: Flickr user thejbird [1]

Mom's Sunglasses

Protect baby's eyes and have her look as adorable as can be, when she borrows mom's sunglasses for a photo op!

Source: Flicker user D. Sharon Pruitt [2]


Everyone loves baby feet, and the image of baby feet in comparison to a parent's hands is always a favorite!

Source: Flickr user Pawel Loj [3]

Mom and Child

This classic shot is one for the memory books!

Source: Flickr user Bob Whitehead [4]


A quick snapshot of baby peeking out of his carrier can show off his personality!

Source: Flickr user thejbird [5]


No matter how you look at it, a sleeping baby is peaceful. Put her in a basket, on a bed, or on a blanket, and snap away. The pictures will be precious!

Source: Zahri Sinin [6]


You may not want to give your tot money to chew like this parent did, but a picture of your tot gnawing on her favorite toy is a keeper!

Source: Flickr user John Althouse Cohen [7]

Baby Wearing

Babies always look warm and snuggly on their parents' chests!

Source: Flickr user amrufm [8]

With Friends

Baby's first friends — and their reactions to each other — are always precious!

Source: Flickr user Juhan Sonin [9]


Dribble and drool are true hallmarks of babies, and they look great in pictures, too!

Source: Flickr user Danny Cain [10]


For some babies, the pacifier is as much a part of them as their smile. Keep it in for some realistic shots of the tot.

Source: Flickr user thejbird [11]


If you've got a family pet, don't forget to photograph your tot and pet together. The interactions can be priceless!

Source: Flickr user Fernando Garcia [12]


Once baby is mobile, it's hard to get them to stay still — but when they do, capture it!

Source: Flickr user Hamish Darby [13]


Tots love to move with the music, and a lil one sporting headphones is always cute!

Source: Flickr user Darin Barry [14]


Like feet, hands are always a sweet shot, especially when they're reaching out to touch a loved one.

Source: Flickr user Adrian Dreßler [15]


She may not be ready to read on her own, but babies love to listen to books being read aloud. So be sure to photograph her with one of her favorites!

Source: Flickr user jbird [16]


Baby's first swing usually brings out lots of smiles. That feeling of weightlessness is one that lil ones love.

Source: Flickr user thejbird [17]


Mealtimes are always fun to capture — be they messy or neat — and they're a fun way to keep track of a tot's favorite foods, too!

Source: Flickr user Tanya Little [18]


Who doesn't love a baby in a hat? Depending on your mood, the hat can be silly or serious. Regardless, it will look adorable!

Source: Flickr user {Charlotte.Morrall} [19]

Bath Time

As much as we love messy babies, clean ones are awfully cute too. And a picture of a lil one splashing around in the water is always a keeper.

Source: Flickr user Raphael Goetter [20]

Messy Baby

We love our babies neat and clean, but when they're messy, they're adorable!

Source: Flickr user Tanya Little [21]

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