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5 Items That Are Too Racy For Baby

Jul 18 2011 - 5:38am

How quickly they grow up! From the minute babies are born, mamas are in a rush for them to take their first steps and say their first words, but some products appear to be propelling them forward at lightning-fast speed. Whether they're placing suggestive sayings across their chests or placing them in pint-sized versions of grown-up clothes, here are five items that are too racy for lil ones to wear.

Corset Creepers

Corsets for lil girls? TinyHaute Couture's cotton onesies [1] with fur animal-print inlays and lace appliques certainly made a statement, but it doesn't look like it was one moms were willing to buy. Since we originally wrote about them, the company has stopped selling them.

Faux Leather Bikinis

Moms are pretty divided on the whole kids in bikinis issue, but one thing they tend to agree about is that lil ones don't need to be wearing faux leather versions [2] (even if they match their mamas' two pieces). INCA's version of the swimsuits come with a "perfect gift for Daddy's little girl tagline."

Hooters Onesies

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a place to dine with your lil one, and for some that includes Hooters. The palace of Buffalo wings and well-endowed employees may suit some, but their racy onesies [3] aren't necessarily appropriate for lil breastfed tots.


Face it, if your lil one is anything like her mama, she's going to be a shoe addict, but just how early should she be introduced to mom's high heels. Heelarious's [4] soft soled high heels for lil fashionistas are designed in jest, but may not be the right way to get her started.

Baby Talk Tees

Some mamas love to put their thoughts on their tees, and some on their lil ones' shirts. Baby Brewing [5] has a number of funny baby talk tees, but their "Mommy's little birth control" onesie may be taking things a bit too far.

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