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Infographic: How Much Are You Paying for Your Family's Food?

Infographic: How Much Are You Paying for Your Family's Food?

Infographic: How Much Are You Paying for Your Family's Food?

No, you're not imagining it: Grocery prices for many staples on your family's shopping list have grown substantially versus a year ago. Ground beef prices have gone up 9%, eggs +14%, and coffee +43%. And the gas for your car to get to the store? A whopping +33%.

Check out Circle of Moms' pictorial on which food items have had the biggest price increases and which are holding steady. Then, take it to the store with you to find the best deals for your family! Hint: Be on the lookout for chicken, lettuce, oranges, and tomatoes. 

What food items have gotten more expensive at your local grocery stores?
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DebbieDarrow DebbieDarrow 5 years
Re: above comment, at least in the U.S., this should be true. I can't speak to other countries, but I know Moms all over the U.S. who work to find bargains and don't pay nearly this much.
JeniKoerper JeniKoerper 5 years
Wages just are not goig up but look how much everything else is and we wonder why we are struggling so hard?????@#$#$@*&^%
NancyJoStornes NancyJoStornes 5 years
Yes, feeding my family has gone up since last year. I expect they will go up again due to the drought and the farmers loss of crops. :(
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 5 years
Most of those prices are quite a bit lower than I am used to seeing in Canada. Quit complaining!
niccim niccim 5 years
Thank God for WIC
ChelseyKal ChelseyKal 5 years
I agree @Crown....I'm guessing it should be $5.08 instead of $4.08, just a typo I'm sure. I can't believe all of this, but it's so true. I lived in Wisconsin 2009-2010 and I was able to get Ground Beef for $.90/LB--along with many of these other produce items, some even cheaper. And it was great quality. The cost of living is getting ridiculous!
Hi Tina, Do you use gluten free shampoo? Some people with celiac disease find that they get whelts on their scalp when they wash their hair. I know of a brand of gluten free haircare if you want to message me I can give you the name.
Not only have food prices gone up but also the price of non food items. Last month (July) P&G raised the price of Tide, Era and Gain laundry detergents 4.5%. They also increased Duracell batteries and Pampers to name a few of the products that increased. The products that I use I buy from a 26 yr.old manufacturing company that hasn't had a price increase in 10 yrs and all of their products are "green" PLUS they are delivered to your door (saving your gas and time) PLUS I pay wholesale price without having to buy case lots and everything is 100% guaranteed. I am looking for people who are concerned with the environment, their health and also would like to add to their family income. message me if you would like more info.
traceymiller95950 traceymiller95950 5 years
ohh how i miss and long for the days that gas was under $2.99/ a gal!!!
TinaFogg98596 TinaFogg98596 5 years
Now imagine if you will being a single mom with celiacs disease and having to pay on average 80% more for gluten free items! It makes it very hard to get by.
TovahTowle TovahTowle 5 years
It would be interesting to see something like this is regards to Canadian pricing. I can tell you right now that a 4liter of milk is NOT less then 4 bucks but closer to 6...
CrystalMoreno20465 CrystalMoreno20465 5 years
Crown u are correct
CrystalMoreno20465 CrystalMoreno20465 5 years
Always interesting
CoMMember13631164554012 CoMMember13631164554012 5 years
I wish I knew what the UK price difference's were from last year
SchylaCrown SchylaCrown 5 years
is it just me or is something wrong with the roast beef if in 2010 it was $4.55 and in 2011 it's $4.08 how then did the price go up 11% shouldn't it have gone down?
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