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Inspector's Baffling Decision on Preschooler's Lunch

Inspector's Baffling Decision on Preschooler's Lunch

Inspector's Baffling Decision on Preschooler's Lunch

Of course you want your children to eat a healthy diet. But what happens when your idea of healthy doesn't match the goverment's?

You can imagine the surprise of a North Carolina mom when she learned that a state inspector at her 4-year-old's preschool decided the child's turkey and cheese sandwich didn't meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines — and replaced it with chicken nuggets!

Read the full story at the Huffington Post

What does your child eat for lunch at school?

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StephanieMullins40168 StephanieMullins40168 5 years
Yea and it just so happens that most chicken nuggets aren't all chicken meat. Some have fillers in them which include other parts of the animal and even silicone. If this ever happened to me I would pull my kids from the school and enroll them somewhere else.
AnnMarieAlberts AnnMarieAlberts 5 years
My 4 yr old is in a prek program in NC and I wish we could pack a lunch. All the kids in his class have to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch. Needless to say, alot of the kids really dont eat much at all. You would be amazed if you looked at a prek menu, the things they will opt to feed the kids, but they have rules to follow and we have to abide by them. Thank God next year in kindergarten will be easier with lunch time.
AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 5 years
Schools now a days have far to much control over what our kids eat. My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall and they have very strict rules about snack and lunch. Bread is fine but they would rater the kids have wraps, no fruit snacks, no pudding cups, no cookies of any kind. They have to have one food from every food group and no peanut butter. When I was in school I had peanut butter almost everyday and one kid in my class, almost every year the same kid, couldn't even touch it or he would be rushed to the hospital. His mom told the school she wanted kids to bring it cause he needed to learn to stay away from it. We sat at the back table and then disinfected it and the teacher would turn on the taps for us to wash our hands. Why do we place kids in bubbles these days, they have no idea what to do once they get to high school cause nobody will hold their hand! We should decide what we give our kids!
CarolynPonte CarolynPonte 5 years
Sounds a little fishy to me as well.
LorraineBilotti LorraineBilotti 5 years
almost 4 years when all these liberals voted for change they didn't realise they voted for communist government. Since when is processed chicken healthier than turkey? I'm not a sue fiend but if I were the partent I would sue the Health Department not for monitary value but for a "Health violation"
Amber58261 Amber58261 5 years
I can say that if they were to go to my daughters school and see her lunch, they would not be too happy. She will only eat peanut butter sandwhiches. Nothing else on it! She does eat an apple and has a 100% fruit juice, but that is all she will eat for lunch!
AmberG75264 AmberG75264 5 years
The government is seriously getting out of hand with all of this. We as parents should be able to raise our children but every day the government wants more and more control over what we do with our own kids. They want to tell us what they can eat, what they can wear, what they can play, where they can go....I mean really who is the parent us or the government?
minna85520 minna85520 5 years
Crazy! They just want everyone on the lunch program. Both my kids wanted lunchables at one point. Yeah I know,expensive AND gross. After a week they were ready for their sandwiches and fruit again. Minna
KimberlyDoremus KimberlyDoremus 5 years
This sickens me! I would be having strong words with everyone in the entire school system, and one more strike against them would make me pull my kid out!
NicoleEastmond NicoleEastmond 5 years
What if the child was allergic to something in the nuggets that caused a reaction? My son can not have peanuts or eggs which many chicken nuggets have egg in them. He could cause a serious, life threatening situation. And then I would cause a serious, life threatening condition on the inspector.
CoMMember13610105545513 CoMMember13610105545513 5 years
Say whaaat?????
AmandaSalg AmandaSalg 5 years
Holy shit! How is this even legal?
AnnaScenini AnnaScenini 5 years
This is unbelievable!!! Does this inspector know how they make nuggets?? I would rather give my child a turkey sandwhich anyday!! He really has NO idea!!!! Lucky it was'nt my child..he would be in for a nasty shock..idiot!!!
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