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Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Itchy Itchy

Everyone says that each pregnancy is different. My second time around hasn't been all that different from my first round but one major difference is my skin's sensitivity. Starting about halfway through the pregnancy, I started to experience an insatiable itching. I tried lotions and heavy creams but certain areas still feel like poison ivy has taken over my body.

Concerned that something might be wrong, I talked with my OB/GYN about my irritations. She said it could be a result of the increased estrogen levels I am experiencing or poor blood circulation in those areas. Luckily, she told me that it will probably go away after I have the baby.

In the meantime, she gave me some tricks to help ease my pain. To see what they are,


  • Mix a bit of anti-itch cream like Cortaid with my pregnancy tummy rub and apply that to the itchy areas.
  • Keep the showers warm, but not too hot as hot water tends to dry out the skin making the irritation worse.
  • Apply unscented lotion immediately after bathing so your skin can soak in the moisture.
  • Avoid using using too much soap in the shower as it can dry the skin out.
  • Soak in an oatmeal bath.

So far, the best solution for me has been the first tip. What worked for you?

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