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Jenny McCarthy Gets Real About Engagement and Donnie's Relationship With Her Son

May 2 2014 - 11:03am

There are three (OK, maybe more) things Jenny McCarthy [1] loves: her son, Evan; her new fiancé, Donnie Wahlberg; and jewelry. So it's no surprise that the TV host showed up at a Pandora event to preview the company's latest collection right before Mother's Day [2]. With a dutiful Donnie in tow, Jenny looked over the newest charms while her fiancé created a custom bracelet as a pre-Mother's Day present.

I sat down with the View cohost and bestselling author to talk about surviving single motherhood, bonding with a partner's children, and what Evan thinks of her future husband — after admiring her engagement ring [3], of course!

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry [4]

POPSUGAR: Congratulations on the engagement! You two are obviously excited, but how does Evan feel about it?

Jenny McCarthy: My son is so excited. I'm so grateful to Donnie that he included Evan [in the proposal], because Evan will know forever that it was special. When I said yes, Evan screamed for joy. It was such a beautiful thing for him to be involved in. He knows what true love means.

PS: When you were dating, did you have any rules for introducing men to Evan?

JM: I had a strict six-month rule. When I got divorced, I said if a guy could make it past six months then I would introduce them. It worked for a long time because there were some guys I dated who didn't go past two months, and I was so glad Evan never met them. I was also in serious relationships for a long time, so Evan didn't meet that many men. Then Donnie came along, and I knew it was time for them to be introduced. It was love at first sight.

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry [5]

PS: It seems like they have a great relationship. What can you tell us about it?

JM: They speak a language that is better than I could ever have with him. It's so weird, like a guy code. Also, when my patience runs out, he takes over and is very patient. It's the same with Donnie's kids. I feel like I have a very close bond, almost a kinship, with them. I feel like we have a very blessed union.

PS: It's very tough for someone to build a bond with another person's kids. How did you do it?

JM: I think by not pushing it. If someone doesn't feel like talking or being around that person, you don't force it. It has to be on their time, not ours.

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry [6]

PS: You have been through so much as a mother. What advice would you give to other moms, whether they are in a similar situation to yours or not?

JM: Your kids grow up so fast, so don't forget to stay in the present moment and enjoy what's going on in front of you. Life is hard, but try to make the ride as sweet as you possibly can. If you can stay in the present moment, and not worry about the future or past, that ride will stay sweet.

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry [7]

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