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Even Kate Middleton Has Real Mom Moments

Apr 24 2014 - 5:37am

Thanks to her status as the Duchess of Cambridge as well as a full-time and extremely qualified nanny [1], Kate Middleton doesn't have to handle all the dirty work of motherhood herself. But being a royal doesn't make her exempt from every little unpleasant thing that comes with raising a child. Nose wiping and toy fetching, anyone? Read on for all the moments that make Kate just a little bit like a "normal" mom.

Sporting a Bump After Giving Birth

Picking Up a Dropped Toy

Getting Her Hair Pulled, and Then Chewed On

Wiping Away Drool With Her Hand

Picking Up Another Dropped Toy

Wearing Yoga Pants and a Baseball Hat

Taking Something Out of a Baby's Mouth

Wrangling a Squirmy Baby

Squatting on the Ground With a Baby

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