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5 DIY Costumes Made From a Cardboard Box!

Oct 17 2011 - 11:51am

Kids love playing with cardboard boxes, so we took it one step further and enlisted a lil helper to construct a few fabulous and eco-friendly costumes with recycled cardboard, nontoxic paint, and minimal other tools. Check out the easy Ecoween options [1]!

Grocery Bag

Paper not plastic! Skip the trip to the Halloween store and create your own eco-friendly costume! In a box-cut grocery bag [2], surround your tot with his favorite edible goodies.


Let your darling spread her wings with a colorful painting project! A leotard is all you need to pair with these fabulous wings [3].


Prepare for trick-or-treat takeoff! Grab a bomber jacket, scarf, and goggles in this sky-is-the-limit old-fashioned airplane [4].

Old School iPod

Let's dance! Hook up a pair of headphones and slip your youngster into this retro iPod [5] so he can get groovin'.

Fire Truck

An inexpensive hat and the raincoat from your kiddo's closet are all a child needs to be a five-alarm cutie in this fire truck getup [6].

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