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Bon Appétit! 61 Incredible Food Art Ideas For Kids

Jan 22 2016 - 12:11pm

Moms will do anything to get kids excited about going back to school. They'll even let them play with their food [1]. From breakfast to lunch to after-school snacks, we've rounded up some works of food art that your little ones are sure to love! And the best part — they're easy to make. Let's get cooking!

Big Bad Lunch

Malaysia-based mom Samantha Lee is known for making creative food art for her kids, and this Little Red Riding Hood rendition is proof of her talents.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [2]

Eat 'Em Up

Pancake Pac-Man with dried blueberry eyes is such a fun way to start the day.

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [3]

Royal Oats

It's a cat, it's a princess — it's fruit-topped cinnamon oatmeal!

Source: Instagram user barebarnematen [4]

Sibling Rivalry

Turn a bland breakfast of toast and fruit into a Frozen family portrait.

Source: Instagram user anne2matthew [5]

The Edible Queen

What a scrumptious-looking Queen of Hearts! Any guesses on what she's made out of?

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [6]

Under the Sea

These creatures are almost too cute to eat!

Source: Meet the Dubiens [7]

Hello, Sailor!

Sail away with the help of bread, mango slices, and lemon!

Source: Instagram user civediamoallesette [8]

Little Lion

Kids will roar over this filling and fun breakfast! All you need are scrambled eggs, a bagel, and a few of their favorite veggies.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [9]

Ladybug Bento Box

Imagine their delight when they discover that their lunch bag has a ladybug's garden of rice and veggies inside!

Source: Flickr user gamene [10]

Fly Away

All you need are a few food staples to re-create this nighttime friend [11].

Source: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons [12]

Cool Hair Bro

Who says sandwiches have to be boring? Cucumbers, pickles, toast, and cheese make for one cool food dude.

Source: Instagram user dear_xtina [13]

Sven Sandwich

The Trials of Pinterest says you can use any ingredients to create this Frozen sandwich [14].

Source: The Trials of Pinterest [15]

Some Bunny Loves Lunch

There are so many details to love about this creative bunny breakfast, including a sweet barrette made from strawberries.

Source: Instagram user pomverte [16]

So Bad It's Good

Even someone as evil as Ursula the sea witch manages to look cute with the help of some incredible food art.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [17]

A Friendly Face

What child wouldn't want to see themselves in food form?

Source: Instagram user makimeko [18]

A Hoppy Breakfast

Cutting up strawberries is such a simple way to switch up the morning routine and make a fun waffle breakfast.

Source: Instagram user frmheadtotoe [19]


Pay homage to the beloved Dr. Seuss with a Cat in the Hat tortilla and a side of green eggs and ham!

Source: Meet the Dubiens [20]

Beach Essentials

We love this breakfast's beachy transformation!

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [21]

One Tasty Olaf

If you think Bento Monsters' edible Olaf [22] is cute, wait till you see her Anna bento box [23].

Source: Bento Monsters [24]

Frog Legs For Breakfast?

He just may be a Prince Charming in disguise . . . this little froggy comes complete with a crown!

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [25]

What a Hoot!

What a hoot! Nutella, kiwi, Cheerios, and more come together for a supersavory treat.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [26]

Big-Top Lunch Box

Give your child food and a show with this circus-themed creation.

Source: Instagram user lusisafitrii [27]

Hungry Birds

What do you get when bologna meets marshmallows meets cheese and crackers? Why, an Angry Birds after-school snack, of course.

Source: Instagram user mrs_aitken [28]

Sweet Paradise

Palm trees made from fruit remind us of the carefree days of Summer.

Source: Instagram user bambini_pucillo [29]

A Fishy Lunch

Babybel cheese is the key to creating this bento box.

Source: Instagram user shannoncarino [30]

Berry Cute Mice

Not only is this snack sweet and filled with fruit, but it's also easy enough for the kids to make [31].

Source: Bent on Better Lunches [32]

Look at the Birdie

"Owl" you need are a few food staples to re-create this friend.

Source: Instagram user johnloveskylie [33]

Let's Go Fly a Kite

This lunch truly soars above the rest.

Source: Instagram user howaboutcookie [34]

Hard-Boiled Chicks

This snack doesn't tell us if the chicken or the egg [35] came first, but it's still delicious!

Source: Meet the Dubiens [36]

All-in-One Olaf

This bento box provides the perfect amount of rice, veggies, and meat.

Source: Instagram user mama_makes_imbento [37]

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

A fabulously detailed Little Red Riding Hood-inspired Big Bad Wolf!

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [38]

Cheesy Critters

Get creative at dinnertime! Use veggies and meats to make some critter bagel pizzas [39].

Source: Tablespoon [40]

Sand Castle Creation

This is the one time we'll let our kids eat sand.

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [41]

Meet the Flintstones

"Yabba dabba doo!" is just another way to say "wow" when you think of all the work it took to create Fred Flintstone.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [42]


Dinnertime has never been so fun thanks to Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons' stuffed peppers [43].

Source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons [44]

Gobble Gobble

A sandwich and fruit can be such a boring lunch. Jazz it up by turning it into a turkey [45].

Source: Sweet Little Peanut [46]

This Little Piggy . . .

Bring some barnyard fun to your child's lunch box.

Source: Instagram user heartshapedboxgifts [47]

Super Lunch

Even without the city skyline in the background, this Catwoman creation is more memorable than most adult food.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [48]

One Fish, Two Fish

Turn fruit and toast into a cute sea creature.

Source: Instagram user dextermamabistro [49]

The Little Mermaid

An edible version of a beloved Disney character.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [50]

Bento Battle

If your kids can't decide between Elsa and Olaf, serve smaller versions of both!

Source: Instagram user littlemissbento [51]

A Cretaceous Croissant

Your tot won't be crabby when they see this on the breakfast table.

Source: Instagram user anne2matthew [52]

School of Fish

Re-create an oceanic landscape using fruit, veggies, and cream-cheese-covered bread.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [53]

Eat Like a Bird

Cinnamon toast, apples, cereal, and Babybel cheese are all you need to create this light and fun snack.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [54]

A Whale of a Breakfast

Who knew yogurt and blueberries could be so fun?

Source: Instagram user hawthornefamilyeats [55]

Head in the Clouds

Some chocolate dip goes a long way in creating an adventurous bunny.

Source: Instagram user miss_etc [56]

Minion Munchies

Fans of Despicable Me will love this after-school snack of cheese and berries.

Source: Instagram user kellykong_eatplaylove [57]

Dolphin Tale

This blueberry and banana creation makes for a great party snack.

Source: Instagram user dawnn3 [58]

Elsa's Enchanted Forest

Warm up your tot with this cute Elsa-inspired creation.

Source: Instagram user leesamantha [59]


Slice some grapes and an apple into the shape of a sea creature.

Source: The Southern Housewife [60]

Not Your Average Dog

No bun needed for these hot dogs [61]. Turn this kid favorite into a crab or octopus with a few slices.

Source: Cute Food For Kids [62]

Sweet Snowman

What better way to start the day than with a pancake Olaf?

Source: Instagram user kitchenfunwithmy3sons [63]

Campfire Companion

Everyone knows Snoopy makes the best dining buddy.

Source: Instagram user lusisafitrii [64]

Devilish Owls

For a cute, protein-packed snack, whip up some deviled-egg owls [65].

Source: Rook No. 17 [66]

Sail Away With Me

The wonderfully creative Ida Frosk thought of every last detail with this sailboat mural — check out the red pepper seagulls!

Source: Instagram user idafrosk [67]

Sweet Octopus

A simple dessert with a stunning presentation.

Source: Instagram user msaeztorres [68]

Fruity Penguins

For a healthier dessert, whip up these chocolate-covered penguins [69]. Melt the chocolate, and let the kids decorate their edible friends.

Source: Reading Confetti [70]

Sweet Face

Cookies with faces and hair made from chocolate — where can we get a batch of these?

Source: Instagram user monchouchou [71]

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Trick your kids with this piece of edible art.

Source: Instagram user jessgowithit [72]

Reindeer Games

Kids' mouths will water over this Sven-inspired dish [73] from The Joys of Boys.

Source: The Joys of Boys [74]

Up and Away

Inspired by the Three Little Pigs, jelly beans tell the fun story of how the third pig really escaped.

Source: Instagram user redhongyi [75]

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