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Kid Free Weddings

When Kids Aren't Invited to the Wedding

The last few weddings I attended were kid free. While many parents are bothered by such restrictions, I appreciate the limitation. I understand why the engaged couple wants all eyes on them while they exchange vows and not on a screaming infant. Not all children misbehave at such events, but unfortunately there aren't guarantees when it comes to kiddos at adult events so the safest bet for brides-to-be is to deny them the opportunity all together.

Why as a mama of two do I like the "no kids" rule? I appreciate the bride and groom making the decision for me. All I have to do is find a caretaker for my children while I dance the night away with my husband. Depending on the location, relatives or family babysitters have watched the tots. In rare cases, I have used care services like Sittercity to provide me a nanny.

I look forward to enjoying marital festivities with my babes one day, but until they are officially invited — they will sleep well knowing mommy and daddy are enjoying each other and other adult company.

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