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Julia89876 Julia89876 1 year

What a waste of time. As if mothers need something like this to wase their time. Ridiculous.

AliciaWilson35289 AliciaWilson35289 2 years
I have tapped on these images several times and the recipe pops up for a second on one image and then closes again this is so frustrating when you want to look at something and you can't please fix this so we can look at the recipes already. I don't know if it matters that I am using a mobile device but if it does you should have a disclaimer that says the website is not compatible with mobile devices.
SharaLeroy SharaLeroy 2 years
nice recepies! The links all worked well for me. I had no problem logging in and viewing the recepies. I am using google chrome.
NannyG212 NannyG212 2 years
How do you find recipes???? Using iPad. Tapping but no pink text. Not an easy website. I agree
AnnieBooker AnnieBooker 2 years
Please put the recipes on the same page as the photo or at least make it obvious where the recipe link is. Kinda ironic that this is about breakfasts that save time and yet I've just spent at least ten minutes trying to find the recipes for these dishes.
GenevieveBurke GenevieveBurke 2 years
This web site is terrible. I would love to read the recipes, but shouldn't need directions on how to actually read the article. Also had to try about 7 times to sign in. The site continuously loads I think every single post ever so it is nearly impossible to get to the bottom of your page to find your company info to try to contact you. And also nearly impossible to try to catch a link on the side as it continuously loads the links keep moving and what you wanted to click on is now something else. Frustrated. Too bad because there were some things l'd love to read.
Jenna-Gill Jenna-Gill 2 years
@Dana14924349 @JenniferHill9466 @ShannanGaughan To view the recipes, click on the PINK text to the right of each slide. If you're viewing from a mobile device, tap the screen to display text, then click the PINK text. Hope this helps! :)
SarahChicky SarahChicky 2 years
Wheres the recipes?? Is there another link her somewhere?
ShannanGaughan ShannanGaughan 2 years
Where are the recipes? I absolutely hate this new website, I can never view anything and navigating it is impossible!
JenniferHill9466 JenniferHill9466 2 years
Would love the recipes.
LisaStone51706 LisaStone51706 2 years
Unfortunately, as much as I would eat all of these, my kids wouldn't. They sound good to me though!
Dana14924349 Dana14924349 2 years
I have gone crazy looking for the recipes for breakfast in the crockpot and I can't find them!! The picture of the one with bananas, bread and chocolate looks amazing. Where are the recipes.
ClaireSpencer15920 ClaireSpencer15920 2 years
How can I find more about the crock pot breakfasts.
Lisa-Horten Lisa-Horten 2 years
@ShannonMontuori — thanks for alerting us to the technical glitch! All fixed now!
ShannonMontuori ShannonMontuori 2 years
The hyperlink on the "Apple Spiced butter" slide 2 links to an Etsy page for purchasing baby bloomers. I fail to see the relation to Apple Spiced Butter. Suggest amending to proper link.
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