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Peeps! 15 Fun Ways to Use the Marshmallow Treats

Mar 29 2015 - 8:42am

They're almost too cute to eat! Over the years, Peeps — the marshmallow treats shaped like little chicks — have gained a cultlike following. And while the Easter favorites are fun to eat, they also make great crafting supplies. So gather up the kids and get started on some fun holiday Peeps crafts — just keep an eye on your little crafters, as we want to be sure they don't eat up all of their supplies!

Peep Topiary

Just in time for Spring, this peep topiary tutorial [1] will make everyone's day a little brighter. It only takes minutes to put together and no green thumb needed!

Jousting Peeps

Keep the spirits high past Easter with a Peeps-jousting tournament [2]! This game is great, especially if you have leftover stale Peeps.

DIY Mason Jar Easter Basket

Mason jars are everywhere, and for a fun DIY [3], this Easter basket [4] is the perfect weekend project with kids.

Peeps Wreath

Welcome guests to your home as sweetly as possible with a Peeps Wreath [5]. With just an embroidery hoop, ribbon, glue, and peeps, you've got yourself a festive way to celebrate the season.

Source: Living the Creative Life [6]

Peeps Sushi

For a slightly more modern take on the use of Peeps, try whipping up some Peeps Sushi [7]. Add the marshmallow chicks to Rice Krispie Treats — secured with Fruit by the Foot — for some tasty fun!

Source: Serious Eats [8]

Peeps Topiary

With a Styrofoam ball, a few packages of Peeps, and some toothpicks, tots can create their own Peep Topiary [9]. It's so cute that mama will have a tough time not eating the treats herself!

Source: The Hungry Mouse [10]

Peeps Sunflower Cake

This Peeps Sunflower Cake [11] is a sure sign that Spring is on its way!

Source: Noble Pig [12]

Push Pop Peeps

Peekaboo, these cupcake push pop peeps [13] want to see you! Adding minicupcakes, some icing, and Peeps heads to plastic push pop cases is all it takes for these fun Easter desserts.

Source: Love From the Oven [14]

Chocolate-Covered Peeps

By heating chocolate chips in a double boiler, scooping the chocolate into a bowl, and helping her little ones spread it on Peeps impaled on Popsicle sticks, our own Peep baker [15] created a semihomemade treat that would be perfect for a family garden party, playdate, or preschool celebration.

Peeps S’mores

Little ones won't mind their favorite Peeps melting when they taste these yummy Peeps s'mores [16]!

Source: Eclectic Recipes [17]

Peep Houses

Every chick needs its roost, and Peeps are no different! These easy-to-construct Peep Houses [18] make a fun activity for little ones.

Source: One Girl Talks [19]

Easter Peeps Garden Centerpiece

Why not put your Peeps front and center this Easter? Over on Celebrations at Home [20], the Peeps appear to be hopping along a bunny trail, making a cute centerpiece for the day.

Source: Celebrations at Home [21]

Hatching Peeps

Does it get any sweeter than these hatching Peeps on a table? On Home Is Where the Boat Is [22], the marshmallow sweets appear to be coming right out of some hollowed-out eggs.

Source: Home Is Where the Boat Is [23]

Rice Krispie Treat Peeps

As if Rice Krispie treats weren't sweet enough to begin with, these Rice Krispie Treat Peeps [24] will keep 'em full of sugar! Source: Love From the Oven [25]

Peeps Play Dough

This may be one of the craziest things we've ever seen done with Peeps, but it seems to work. With a little oil and cornstarch, you can easily transform your Peeps into edible play dough [26], according to Still Playing School. Source: Still Playing School [27]

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