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Things You Can Make With 1 Lonely Sock

Feb 19 2014 - 3:16am

It's happened to all of us, probably more than once. We finish folding a load of laundry only to discover that a few socks have lost their mates. Blame it on the washing machine monster or the dryer demon, but somehow several socks go missing during our weekly laundry duties. Rather than toss that solo sock into the trash, why not turn it into something the kids will love? Check out all the fun things you can make with a lonely sock.

Dragon Puppet

Source: My Little 3 and Me [1]

You could make a whole zoo of sock puppets, but we are particularly fond of My Little 3 and Me's mystical, magical dragon puppet [2].

No-Sew Sock Caterpillars

Source: 733 Blog [3]

Spend a rainy afternoon crafting these no-sew creepy crawlers [4] from 733 Blog.

Sock Owl

Source: Whimsy Loft [5]

Use an assortment of mismatched socks to make Whimsy Loft's adorable stuffed owl [6].

Sock Horse

Source: Rad Megan [7]

Why spend hundreds on a hobby horse when you can make your own? Rad Megan teaches you how to turn that lonely sock into a pretty pony for your tots [8].

Magnetic Fishing Game

Source: Goodsmiths [9]

We love Goodsmiths' idea for a magnetic fishing game [10]. Each time you find a new sock, simply add it to the pond.


Source: Hatched [11]

Turn those socks into some supercute sea creatures [12], courtesy of Hatched.

Sock Snake

Source: Grosgrain [13]

Grosgrains' sock snake [14] is anything but scary. The more mismatched, the better!

Little Lovey Sock Doll

Source: Meri Cherry [15]

All you need is a sock, some buttons, and a whole lot of cotton to create Meri Cheri's lovely little sock dolls. [16]

Snowman Slam

Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose [17]

Stuck inside during a snowstorm? Turn a sock and some paper cups into Growing a Jeweled Rose's Winter-themed game [18].

Sock Wreath

Source: Blue Cricket Design [19]

Great for the front door or a playroom, Blue Cricket Design's sock wreath [20] is a cute addition to any house.

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