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The 8 Moms You'll Meet in Your Pediatrician's Waiting Room

Jun 13 2014 - 4:32pm

Whether you're headed in with a sick kiddo or for a routine physical, you can pretty much guarantee that your next visit to the pediatrician's office will commence with some time in the waiting room. And you won't be alone. The coughing kids are one thing, but their moms? An entity all their own. Here, eight women whose acquaintance you'll meet (for better or worse) while waiting for your kids' doc.

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She's in a Hurry, OK?

The waiting area may be standing room only, but her kid is the only one who matters. Trust her.

The Mother of Mayhem

Her sickly tots are running around the place like whirling dervishes . . . but hey, at least she's out of the house, right?

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She's the First One Who's Ever Done This

She knows that you all think you've been here before, but her 6-month-old getting his shots is just somehow a bigger deal.

Source: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries [3]

The One Who Thinks She's at a Spa

The kids are playing with a train set, she knows she's got at least 30 minutes to go . . . this mama's straight chillin'.


This is too much for her. The sick kids, the wait, the frustration. She's about to scre . . . OK, she's screaming now. Out loud. In the waiting room.

The Alarmist

To her, a bug bite is probably actually chicken pox, a runny nose means the flu, and an upset stomach means an ulcer.

The One Who Begs to Differ, But . . .

Sorry, doc. You might have a degree from Harvard, but she's got Google. And WebMD.

The Hypochondriac

She's here so often she may as well get a job as a receptionist.

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