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Build a Better Snack With Lego-Themed Treats

Feb 24 2014 - 6:59am

After seeing The Lego Movie [1], your little one may start acting like they live in a Legoland. While you can't turn their whole world into a building block set [2], you can make their food more Lego-like. There are plenty of ways to turn an ordinary snack into a toy-inspired treat, whether it's savory or sweet. Check out these snacks that are fun to make, play with, and eventually eat!

Lego Man Cookies

Source: Sweet Sugar Belle [3]

The secret to Sweet Sugar Belle's Lego man cookies [4]? A DIY [5] cookie cutter!

Lego PB&J

Source: Bent on Better Lunches [6]

Add a little fun to your child's lunch box with Bent on Better Lunches' Lego-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich [7].

Lego Brownies

Source: Rindy Mae [8]

All you need to make Rindy Mae's stackable brownies [9] is some frosting and mini M&M's.

Lego Piñata Cookies

Source: Hanila's [10]

Once kids are done playing with these Lego cookies from Haniela's [11], they can break them open for a special, sweet surprise.

Lego Cake

Source: I Should Be Mopping the Floor [12]

Celebrate your little builder's birthday with this cute and colorful cake [13] from I Should Be Mopping the Floor.

Lego Cheese and Crackers

Source: Tonya Staab [14]

Looking for a fun after-school snack? Try Tonya Staab's Lego-inspired cheese and crackers [15].

Lego Jell-O

Source: Grasping For Objectivity [16]

Legos aren't just for playing. Use these toys to make some stackable Jell-O [17], courtesy of Lemon Berry Moon.

Lego Sugar Cookies

Source: Anders Ruff [18]

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and some colorful candies to create some sweet Lego-shaped sugar cookies.

Lego Cake Pop

Source: Cake Power [19]

Let little ones create their own Lego man (or woman) using CakePower's cake pop recipe [20].

Lego Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Source: Monson Photography [21]

Monson's Lego sandwiches [22] are perfect for parties! If the kids don't like ham, swap it out for another deli meat.

Lego Lollipops

Source: Tonya Staab [23]

You don't need a list of fancy ingredients to make Tonya Staab's lollipop Legos. [24] Just get a bag of Jolly Ranchers and some pots and pans!

Lego Fruit Snacks

You could buy a bunch of Lego fruit snacks [25] ($3 for 10), or make your own healthier version [26].

Lego Candy

Source: Kara's Party Ideas [27]

Want to whip up these cute Lego candies? Just buy some chocolate and a bendable mold [28] ($7).

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