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9 Leprechaun Traps Guaranteed to Catch the Little Guy!

Mar 12 2016 - 4:03pm

From green milk at breakfast to green water in your toilets, chances are leprechauns have wreaked havoc in your home on previous St. Patrick's Days. With March 17 just a few weeks away, it's the perfect time to have the kids put on their thinking caps to come up with a way to trap the little mischief-maker before more damage is done this year. To get them started, we've rounded up nine of the most creative ideas we've spied. Using household items like tissue boxes and Legos, not to mention a homemade cake, we all but guarantee that you'll catch a leprechaun before he does any damage this year!

Tissue Box Trap

Using a tissue box covered in chalkboard paint, Modern Parents Messy Kids [1] created an adorable, and versatile, trap. From a Lego diving board to a popsicle-stick stand, the box is the perfect place to capture a leprechaun.

Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids [2]

A Soft Landing

Legos and an old milk box were the basis for this kid-crafted leprechaun trap. Best of all, the builder was concerned about the leprechaun hurting himself when he fell in, so he cushioned the fall.

Source: How Does She [3]

A Traditional Trap

It doesn't get more traditional than this stick and box trap. But with a little creative decorating, the trap is the perfect lure for a little mischief-maker.

Source: DIY Inspired [4]

Lego My Leprechaun

This sophisticated Lego trap is baited with marshmallows, chocolate, and more. If the structure is bumped or jostled, the trap is tripped and the cage comes down on the leprechaun. How cool!

Source: Tips N Tidbits [5]

A Shoebox Trap

A simple shoebox serves as the basis of this cute trap that is sure to lure in a nosy leprechaun.

Source: Creekside Learning [6]

A Glittery Trap

A glittery pot of gold is sure to attract a mischievous leprechaun into this shoebox-based trap.

Source: Marshmallow Mudpie [7]

A Rainbow Trap

This colorful trap has everything you need to catch a leprechaun — rainbows, clouds, and clovers.

Source: The Classroom Creative [8]

Lever-Activated Trap

While kids can create the base of this trap on their own, adults can teach them about how levers work to catch the little leprechauns.

Source: Play Dr Mom [9]

Leprechaun Trap Cake

More than just a tasty cake for those celebrating St. Patrick's Day, this Leprechaun Trap Cake [10] actually features a pretzel trap (under the gold coins) that takes the mischievous leprechaun down a rainbow tunnel. You have to see it to believe it!

Source: Not Martha [11]

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